css tweakage
[gitorious:mainline.git] / public / stylesheets / base.css
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensencss tweakage
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensencss table color tweaks
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensentable listing of a projects repositories
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensenliquid layout
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensenuse serif fonts and better font+line-height sizes
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensenmark out the mainline repos clearer in the ui
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensenshow owner and other stuff when viewing a repos
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensenupdated css + html
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensenfutzing around with some more basic css and markup...
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensenbasic css added
2007-08-19 Johan Sørensen- .gitignore for DS_Store files