create a default repository when creating a project
[gitorious:mainline.git] / app / views / repositories / show.html.erb
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensencreate a default repository when creating a project
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensencss tweakage
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensentable listing of a projects repositories
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensenuse serif fonts and better font+line-height sizes
2007-11-20 Johan Sørensenpermission shenenigans
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensenadded permissions to repositories
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensenadded clone_url and push_url
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensenshow owner and other stuff when viewing a repos
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensenshow clone info when viewing a repository
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensen- moved to .html.erb style template extensions