2013-10-18 Piotr SolnicaAdd timestamp col to commits table in the mr#show
2013-10-18 Piotr SolnicaFix build
2013-10-18 Piotr SolnicaUpdate ui3
2013-10-18 Piotr SolnicaChange meta-body in the event to be a span
2013-10-17 Piotr SolnicaAdd description field back to projects#new form and...
2013-10-17 Piotr SolnicaChange location of state-change info in comment
2013-10-17 Piotr SolnicaUpdate ui3
2013-10-17 Piotr SolnicaRe-work MR status bar a bit to avoid issues with long...
2013-10-17 Piotr SolnicaUpdate ui3
2013-10-17 Piotr SolnicaUpdate edit link to be a button and fix comment context
2013-10-17 Piotr SolnicaDisplay no-desc info when MR has no proposal desc
2013-10-17 Piotr SolnicaAdd CommitRangeSelector (ported from all.js)
2013-10-17 Piotr SolnicaFix timestamp in comments
2013-10-17 Piotr SolnicaRework comment views a bit
2013-10-17 Pawel PierzchalaFix utf8 issue in Diff::Renderer
2013-10-17 Pawel PierzchalaFix blob_helper_test
2013-10-17 Pawel PierzchalaUse DatabaseCleaner in integration tests
2013-10-17 Marcin KulikRemove description presence requirement from project...
2013-10-17 Pawel PierzchalaFix rails autoload issue with CommentValidators
2013-10-17 Pawel PierzchalaHandle removed author when rendering comments
2013-10-17 Marcin KulikUpdate ui3
2013-10-17 Marcin KulikRemove all Google Analytics related code
2013-10-17 Piotr SolnicaUpdate ui3
2013-10-17 Piotr SolnicaUpdate MR#show page
2013-10-17 Marcin KulikMove Google Analytics account id to gitorious.yml
2013-10-17 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'master' of
2013-10-17 Marcin KulikRemove dead helper
2013-10-17 Marcin KulikFix port number in URLs sent via emails
2013-10-17 Christian JohansenRemove dead assets
2013-10-16 Piotr SolnicaUpdate virtus
2013-10-16 Piotr SolnicaUse bigger image for user profile avatar
2013-10-16 Piotr SolnicaFix issues with teams editing
2013-10-16 Piotr SolnicaClean up groups#show
2013-10-16 Piotr SolnicaFix watch/unwatch button in mr#show page
2013-10-16 Pawel PierzchalaDisable stdout capture in tests
2013-10-16 Pawel PierzchalaUse transactional fixtures in integration specs
2013-10-16 Piotr SolnicaAdd confirmation to delete MR button (resolves #305)
2013-10-16 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'master' of
2013-10-16 Christian JohansenUp UI
2013-10-16 Pawel PierzchalaAdd licenses
2013-10-16 Pawel PierzchalaDon't validate key before removal
2013-10-16 Piotr SolnicaUnify mr#show and mrv#show feature/view-updates
2013-10-16 Piotr SolnicaClean up merge_request#show page
2013-10-16 Christian JohansenUpdate test merged in from next
2013-10-16 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'next' into feature/view-updates
2013-10-16 Pawel PierzchalaFix a bug with memberships not being removed when remov...
2013-10-16 Christian JohansenRemove ability for custom site layouts
2013-10-16 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'feature/view-updates' of
2013-10-16 Christian JohansenThe UI3 layout is the only layout
2013-10-16 Christian JohansenMerge request version smoke test
2013-10-15 Piotr SolnicaUpdate edit slug view
2013-10-15 Piotr SolnicaSplit project form into 3 tabs
2013-10-15 Piotr SolnicaExplicitly set method in projects form (no idea why...
2013-10-15 Christian JohansenRemove Breadcrumb code from old UI
2013-10-15 Christian JohansenRequire correct template
2013-10-15 Pawel PierzchalaRender 404 on unknown commit in diff
2013-10-15 Marcin KulikDon't 500 when trying to render 404 page for bad sha...
2013-10-15 Piotr SolnicaWIP refactor projects#update
2013-10-15 Piotr SolnicaUpdate ui3
2013-10-15 Piotr SolnicaClean up project form
2013-10-15 Piotr SolnicaClean up user#edit views a bit
2013-10-15 Pawel PierzchalaAdd task to fix missing repositories
2013-10-15 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'next' into feature/view-updates
2013-10-15 Marcin KulikFix ssh clone URL for non-standard ssh port
2013-10-15 Marcin KulikDon't show HTTP(S) clone URL when HTTP cloning is disabled
2013-10-15 Christian JohansenMerge request version comments
2013-10-15 Christian Johansen"Params finder": params => model objects
2013-10-15 Christian JohansenUse case for inline commenting on MR versions
2013-10-14 Christian JohansenBring out source/target branch in MR#show
2013-10-14 Christian JohansenAvoid commit message float rendering bug
2013-10-14 Christian JohansenUp UI build
2013-10-14 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'feature/view-updates' of
2013-10-14 Christian JohansenClean up tests after changes
2013-10-14 Christian JohansenChange MergeRequestVersions controller
2013-10-14 Christian JohansenFix broken markup in diff renderer (missing quote)
2013-10-14 Christian JohansenMove diff mode symbol into diff renderers
2013-10-14 Piotr SolnicaFix repo-header location
2013-10-14 Piotr SolnicaRemove tilda from user-profile
2013-10-14 Piotr SolnicaMove user-profile box to the site header
2013-10-14 Piotr SolnicaUpdate ui3
2013-10-14 Piotr SolnicaMove flash container to the mast-head
2013-10-14 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'feature/view-updates' of
2013-10-14 Piotr SolnicaUpdate ui3
2013-10-14 Piotr SolnicaFix minor UI issues and clean up views for sign in...
2013-10-14 Christian JohansenRemove superfluous test case
2013-10-14 Piotr SolnicaLog in => Sign in
2013-10-14 Christian JohansenAdd help to MR#show, clean up tests
2013-10-14 Piotr SolnicaUpdate ui3
2013-10-14 Piotr SolnicaRe-add JS handling watched items filtering
2013-10-14 Piotr SolnicaPort merge_requests#{edit,update} to UI3
2013-10-14 Christian JohansenClean up merge request/comment implementation
2013-10-14 Christian JohansenMR (version) comment author can watch MR
2013-10-14 Christian JohansenMore comment use cases
2013-10-14 Piotr SolnicaMerge branch 'next' into feature/view-updates
2013-10-14 Christian JohansenSplit comment create/update use cases
2013-10-13 Christian JohansenUp design build
2013-10-13 Christian JohansenMR#show in UI3 (not complete)
2013-10-12 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'feature/view-updates' of
2013-10-12 Christian JohansenRemove ruby-yadis
2013-10-12 Christian JohansenIdentify paths