2013-09-26 Marcin KulikModule.extend is a public method
2013-09-26 Marcin KulikEnable collection of job statistics for Resque adapter
2013-09-25 Piotr SolnicaMerge branch 'next' into feature/view-updates
2013-09-25 Piotr SolnicaFix issues with integration tests
2013-09-25 Christian JohansenSide-by-side diffs
2013-09-25 Marcin KulikFix .patch/.diff URLs matching
2013-09-24 Marcin KulikAdd Resque plugin for gathering job statistics
2013-09-24 Christian Johansen, Merge branch 'feature/view-updates' of gitorious...
2013-09-24 Christian JohansenDiff view in new UI
2013-09-24 Piotr SolnicaFix SYNTAX ERROR after recent merging
2013-09-24 Piotr SolnicaUpdate Gemfile.lock
2013-09-24 Piotr SolnicaMerge branch 'next' into feature/view-updates
2013-09-24 Piotr SolnicaUpgrade virtus to latest beta
2013-09-24 Christian JohansenRefactor header
2013-09-24 Marcin KulikHandle file paths with invalid characters properly
2013-09-23 Marcin KulikFix handling of repo browser URLs with ":" encoded...
2013-09-20 Marius MathiesenMinor layout improvements for LDAP wizard
2013-09-19 Marius MathiesenMerge branch 'next' of
2013-09-19 Marius MathiesenAdding an LDAP configuration wizard
2013-09-19 Marcin KulikFix the page number on user's page activity stream
2013-09-19 Piotr SolnicaMerge branch 'next' of
2013-09-19 Marcin KulikCompensate for will_paginate bug, move order_by clause...
2013-09-18 Marcin KulikDisable remove_unused_tags of ActsAsTaggableOn gem
2013-09-17 Marcin KulikUse latest libdolt
2013-09-17 Adam PohoreckiFix session issue in search repository clones test...
2013-09-17 Christian JohansenSpelling correction
2013-09-16 Marcin KulikMove the de-authentication code from controller to...
2013-09-16 Christian JohansenUpdate UI
2013-09-16 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'next' into feature/view-updates
2013-09-16 Adam PohoreckiMake the session cookie secure (https only)
2013-09-16 Adam PohoreckiForward application ports to the host
2013-09-16 Christian JohansenRepo URLs should reflect HTTP(S) scheme
2013-09-16 Christian JohansenAdd missing package in upgrade docs
2013-09-16 Christian JohansenFix faulty route for repo memberships
2013-09-13 Piotr SolnicaAdjust input sizes
2013-09-13 Piotr SolnicaMerge branch 'next' into feature/view-updates
2013-09-13 Piotr SolnicaFix JS error and update form to not display empty options
2013-09-13 Piotr SolnicaFix tests for merge requests controller
2013-09-13 Piotr SolnicaPort merge_requests/new to ui3 layout and styles
2013-09-13 Marcin KulikUpdate libdolt to the latest version
2013-09-13 Piotr SolnicaUpdate ui3
2013-09-13 Marcin KulikFix the name of the link to remove repo members to...
2013-09-13 Christian JohansenUpdate just paginate
2013-09-13 Christian JohansenUpdate todo
2013-09-13 Christian JohansenComments#new in UI3
2013-09-12 Piotr SolnicaAdd dismiss button to alerts
2013-09-12 Piotr SolnicaUpdate ui3
2013-09-12 Piotr SolnicaUpdate opendid views and fix before_filter
2013-09-12 Piotr SolnicaUpdate ui3
2013-09-12 Piotr SolnicaRefactor markup in searches#show
2013-09-12 Christian JohansenNew UI for Commits#index
2013-09-12 Christian JohansenUI3 layout for group memberships
2013-09-12 Piotr SolnicaMerge branch 'next' into feature/view-updates
2013-09-12 Piotr SolnicaUpdate ui3
2013-09-12 Piotr SolnicaMake footer fluid
2013-09-12 Christian JohansenUpdate design bundle
2013-09-12 Thomas Kjeldahl... Merge branch 'feature/view-updates' of
2013-09-12 Thomas Kjeldahl... Site wiki shouldn't barf when removing non-present dir
2013-09-12 Piotr SolnicaUpdate ui3
2013-09-12 Piotr SolnicaUpdate ui3
2013-09-12 Piotr SolnicaRefactor UI for services
2013-09-12 Marcin KulikPrioritize path with ":" separator in Gitorious::Reposi...
2013-09-12 Christian JohansenBase site wikis on project wiki code
2013-09-12 Christian JohansenRemove test for removed feature
2013-09-12 Christian JohansenRemove hardcoded diff summary
2013-09-12 Christian JohansenRefactor wiki controller: generic owner
2013-09-12 Marcin KulikForce encoding of wiki page's toc to utf-8
2013-09-12 Marcin KulikMake the encoding check in wikize() more stable across...
2013-09-12 Marcin KulikTreat wiki page content as utf-8 string when displaying
2013-09-12 Marcin KulikFix the LooseObjectError in grit
2013-09-12 Piotr SolnicaMerge branch 'next' into feature/view-updates
2013-09-12 Marius MathiesenFix a bug in commenting on a merge request
2013-09-12 Christian JohansenEdit project slugs in UI3
2013-09-12 Christian JohansenLicenses in UI3
2013-09-12 Christian JohansenFix atom auto discovery tag for Users#show
2013-09-12 Christian JohansenUI3 for groups
2013-09-12 Christian JohansenClean up duplicate user actions
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenAdd missing require
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenDon't display page title on wiki pages
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenAdd missing require
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenTypo
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenWiki pages in UI3
2013-09-11 Marcin KulikUpdate the setup-vagrant-ubuntu script to use ruby...
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenFix page title on edit project page
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenEdit wiki pages in UI3
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenProject wiki git_access page in UI3
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenRemove unneeded test
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenRedirect /admin => /admin/repositories
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenAdmin users controller in new UI
2013-09-11 Marcin KulikAdd basic "red" styling for labels of form fields with...
2013-09-11 Marcin KulikFix the confusing validation message for project slug
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenNew UI for repositories admin page
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenAdd admin header to project proposals page
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenDiagnostics in UI3
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenUpdate todo
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'next' into feature/view-updates
2013-09-11 Christian JohansenRemove old todo file
2013-09-10 Christian JohansenCommitterships in new UI
2013-09-09 Christian JohansenFix broken tests
2013-09-09 Christian JohansenManage private project/repo access in new UI