2012-02-28 Christian JohansenAuthorization for trees controller
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenAuthorization for data on dashboard and index pages
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenFormatting
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenFormatting
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenHelper, use it
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenAuthorization for pages controller
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenMessages controller authorization
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenMerge request versions controller authorization
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenProtected merge requests controller
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenDRY test
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenFormatting
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenFormatting
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenFormatting
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenFreeze Gem versions
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenFavorites controller private repositories authorization
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenRestrict access to project events
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenPrivate repositories restrictions for committerships...
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenCommits controller private repo'd
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenCommit diffs private repos
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenPrivate repositories commit diffs authorization
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenPrivate repositories restrictions for commit comments...
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenCopyright
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenTest private repository enforcing for comments
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenComplete coverage of private repos/blobs
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenProtected raw action, DRY-er tests
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenCleanup and refactor
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenProtect blobs in private projects (incomplete)
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenFormatting
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenKill some unused code
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenAdd quick link to delete all project collaborators...
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenBuild UI for managing project collaborators
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenExtract auto-completion
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenProtect projects controller for private repos
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenProtected some project actions
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenRemove defunct ProjectController#category
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenMake project private
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenProject memberships
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenLimit project access through project memberships
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenMove committerships authorization
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenUpdate views not covered by tests
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenExplicit and consistent naming
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenClean up authorization
2012-02-28 Christian Johansencan_write_to? -> can_push?
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenExtracted authorization passing all tests (including...
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenAuthorization extraction in models
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenExtract authorization from merge requests
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenWhitespace
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenWhite space
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenExtract group authorization
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenFormatting
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenExtract authorization from Comment
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenIntroduce Authorization module
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenProperly rescue from timeouts in merge request versions...
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenUpdate paperclip
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/2241' of gitorious...
2012-02-28 Christian JohansenMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/2236' of gitorious...
2012-02-27 Christian JohansenOff by one
2012-02-27 Christian JohansenOnly display 10 repositories in preview mode on project...
2012-02-27 Christian JohansenImprove code copying
2012-02-27 Christian JohansenAdd a timeout to merge request version diffs
2012-02-23 Thomas Kjeldahl... /admin/repositories now showing all repos types 2241
2012-02-10 Christian JohansenMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/195' of gitorious...
2012-02-09 Thomas Kjeldahl... Now only setting up bare minimum of hooks for site... 2240
2012-02-09 Thomas Kjeldahl... Revert push processor tweak, will need to fix post...
2012-02-09 Thomas Kjeldahl... Fixed git push pull of wiki repos
2012-02-09 Thomas Kjeldahl... Now persisting wiki git repo path in site model, also...
2012-02-08 Thomas Kjeldahl... Tests completely emptied due to earlier DRYing of wiki...
2012-02-08 Thomas Kjeldahl... Neat-freak-tweak: forgot to update copyright notices...
2012-02-08 Thomas Kjeldahl... Adds wiki functionality to each Site. Created on demand...
2012-02-08 Thomas Kjeldahl... Fixed active users, now using push events as activity... 195
2012-01-30 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'master' of
2012-01-24 Marius MathiesenIncrement Gitorious::VERSION to latest. v2.1.1
2012-01-22 git version... Updated the paperclip library to work for 1.9 2236
2012-01-19 Marius MathiesenSome gratitude is due.
2012-01-19 Marius MathiesenSanitize command input to graph display
2012-01-06 Christian JohansenAuthor situation changed a while ago, update AUTHORS
2012-01-06 Christian JohansenFix broken test after adding gzip argument
2012-01-03 Christian JohansenDirectories have no meta data, make sure they span...
2012-01-03 Christian JohansenMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/189' of gitorious...
2012-01-03 Christian JohansenMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/188' of gitorious...
2011-12-29 git version... Changed the save to save! on the user. This causes... 190
2011-12-21 Christian JohansenUse configured site name as default site name
2011-12-19 Christian JohansenMake LDAP login attribute configurable
2011-12-19 Christian JohansenWrong class name in test
2011-12-18 Rafael Pérezfeature #50 implemented. Showing dirs before others... 189
2011-12-15 Christian JohansenActually print login failure to user
2011-12-15 Christian JohansenFail if Crowd user cannot be created in Gitorious db
2011-12-15 Christian JohansenBe consistent with quoting style
2011-12-15 Christian JohansenTrailing white-space again
2011-12-06 Christian JohansenRemove trailing white-space
2011-12-06 Christian JohansenFix class name
2011-12-06 Christian JohansenAtlassian Crowd Support
2011-12-06 Moritz Heidkampprevent XSS through file extensions 188
2011-12-06 Christian JohansenUse "host" as preferred configuration option for LDAP...
2011-12-05 Christian JohansenStupid, stupid debugging should never have been committed
2011-12-01 Christian JohansenDon't limit messages too much
2011-12-01 Christian JohansenSet gzip mtime header to 0 in generated tarballs
2011-11-23 Christian JohansenDon't allow search box to slip down and ruin the "raw...
2011-11-23 Christian JohansenMore white-space
2011-11-23 Christian JohansenStupid typo