2012-10-10 Christian JohansenNew semantics requires new minor version v0.7.0
2012-10-10 Christian JohansenUp version v0.6.2
2012-10-09 Christian JohansenAdd tree_entry to get either blob or tree
2012-10-08 Christian JohansenAdd very simple Gitorious repo resolver
2012-10-08 Christian JohansenExtract separate Urls module
2012-10-08 Christian JohansenUse When.rb instead of EM::DefaultDeferrable
2012-10-05 Christian JohansenLeverage Makeup v0.6.0
2012-10-05 Christian JohansenAdd kitchen-sink requirable
2012-10-05 Christian JohansenUp version
2012-10-05 Christian JohansenPrune dependencies
2012-10-05 Christian JohansenExtract libdolt from dolt
2012-10-05 Christian JohansenExtract template renderer as tiltout
2012-10-04 Christian JohansenUp version v0.5.1
2012-10-04 Christian JohansenSyntax highlighting for multi-line code blocks
2012-10-04 Christian JohansenFormatting
2012-10-04 Christian JohansenSort the repo listing alfanumerically
2012-10-04 Christian JohansenUp version v0.5.0
2012-10-04 Christian JohansenProperly implemented tree max depth
2012-10-04 Christian JohansenProperly load lexers for syntax highlighting
2012-10-04 Christian JohansenAdd .feature as a gherkin file type
2012-10-04 Christian JohansenMake test less volatile - don't look up 'master'
2012-10-04 Christian JohansenUp version v0.4.3
2012-10-04 Christian JohansenSupport submodules
2012-10-03 Christian JohansenUp version v0.4.2
2012-10-03 Christian JohansenAvoid ambiguity in log command
2012-10-03 Christian JohansenConsistent Date JSON strings
2012-10-03 Christian JohansenRender link to root in tree browser
2012-10-03 Christian JohansenUpdate UI
2012-10-03 Christian JohansenMake sure JSON is loaded for templates v0.4.1
2012-10-03 Christian JohansenAdd tree history v0.4.0
2012-10-02 Christian JohansenAdd support for async tree history
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenUpdate UI part
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenNew version v0.3.1
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'branch-selector'
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenNew UI branch-selector
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenProperly handle exceptions
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenRef selector
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenCorrect ref selector placement
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenUpdate version v0.3.0
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenStart hacking branch selector
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenRender images as <img>
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenKeep "link binary blob" a targetable piece of logic
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenRender binary blobs as links that download them
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenRender blobs view format_blob -> format_text_blob
2012-10-01 Christian JohansenSyntax highlight .htm files as HTML
2012-09-26 Christian JohansenUp version v0.2.2
2012-09-26 Christian JohansenUse HTML entitites in syntax highlight fallback
2012-09-26 Christian JohansenFix "double empty lines" bug temporarily
2012-09-25 Christian JohansenAdd refs action
2012-09-25 Christian files are Ruby, too
2012-09-25 Christian JohansenConfigurable tab width
2012-09-25 Christian JohansenAdd tests for SmartBlobRenderer
2012-09-25 Christian JohansenUp version
2012-09-25 Christian JohansenDon't depend on parsedate v0.2.1
2012-09-25 Christian JohansenVersion bump v0.2.0
2012-09-22 Christian JohansenFix active menu link on history page
2012-09-22 Christian JohansenGemfile.lock is a YAML file
2012-09-22 Christian JohansenUse tabwidth = 4 spaces
2012-09-22 Christian JohansenDon't use `log --follow`
2012-09-22 Christian JohansenAdd multi-repo index of all repos
2012-09-22 Christian JohansenFind lexer by shebangs
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenDon't produce unclickable links
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenAdd file history/log
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenUpdate design
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenRemove duplication
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenAdd test for markup view helper
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenUpdated UI styles
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenRepository#log test
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenBetter markup styling
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenDeferred log method
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenClean up binary implementation
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenAdd commit API to get log data
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenBlob rendering modules
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenAdd default format_blob
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenUpdate install instructions in Readme
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenTest smart blob rendering
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenAdd markup rendering
2012-09-21 Christian JohansenOne syntax highlighting module/class is enough
2012-09-20 Christian JohansenSet up highlighting for polymorphic overrides
2012-09-20 Christian JohansenAdd tests for all templates
2012-09-20 Christian JohansenSyntax highlighted blame
2012-09-20 Christian JohansenProper blame annotation
2012-09-20 Christian JohansenAdd rough blame
2012-09-20 Christian JohansenAdd #raw action
2012-09-20 Christian JohansenRemove URL generation duplication
2012-09-20 Christian JohansenRemove superfluous block arguments
2012-09-20 Christian JohansenAdd Sinatra::Actions#tree tests
2012-09-20 Christian JohansenAllow one-off layout overrides in #render
2012-09-20 Christian JohansenUp submodule
2012-09-20 Christian JohansenInclude repository and ref in tree context urls
2012-09-20 Christian JohansenHelpers are modules again
2012-09-19 Christian JohansenGroup trees by tree,blob, sort by name
2012-09-19 Christian JohansenMerge branch 'libgit2'
2012-09-19 Christian JohansenRedo view "helper" concepts libgit2
2012-09-19 Christian JohansenRewrite template/views. Use EMRugged for Git.
2012-09-18 Christian JohansenMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2012-09-18 Christian JohansenMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/1' of git://gitorious...
2012-09-17 Christian JohansenAdd error handling for unexpected object types
2012-09-17 Robin StockerFix relative require path, it's incompatible with Ruby 1.9
2012-09-17 Christian JohansenOutsource DeferrableChildProcess to em_pessimistic