2015-02-14 Marcin KulikBump version master v0.34.0
2015-02-14 Marcin KulikDon't display Blame link for binary files
2014-10-07 Marcin KulikBump version v0.33.18
2014-10-07 Marcin KulikEnable simplecov for ruby 2.0
2014-10-07 Marcin KulikProperly handle arguments with spaces (eg. filenames)
2014-06-09 Ken Dreyertests: add "refs" dir to dolt-test-repo.git
2014-05-26 Ken DreyerGemfile: use HTTPS to access 7
2014-05-12 Marcin KulikBump version v0.33.17
2014-05-12 Marcin KulikDisplay repository slug in page title for trees
2014-05-05 Pawel PierzchalaBump version v0.33.16
2014-05-05 Pawel PierzchalaHandle initial commit with empty message
2014-05-05 Pawel PierzchalaBump version v0.33.15
2014-05-05 Pawel PierzchalaHandle empty commit message
2014-01-09 Pawel PierzchalaMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/6' of git://gitorious...
2014-01-09 Pawel PierzchalaBump version v0.33.14
2014-01-09 Pawel PierzchalaEscape markup from user input
2014-01-09 Pawel PierzchalaIgnore ctags file
2014-01-06 Ken Dreyeradd AGPLv3+ license metadata to gemspec 6
2014-01-06 Ken Dreyeruse HTTPS for homepage URL in gemspec
2014-01-06 Ken DreyerAdd AGPLv3 text file
2014-01-02 Pawel PierzchalaBump version v0.33.13
2014-01-02 Pawel Pierzchalarequire latest makeup
2014-01-02 Pawel PierzchalaMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/5' of git://gitorious...
2013-12-23 Adam PohoreckiBump version v0.33.12
2013-12-23 Adam PohoreckiUpdate makeup
2013-12-01 Ken Dreyerforce json data to UTF-8 in tree history test 5
2013-12-01 Ken Dreyerset default encoding in safe_blob_text test
2013-11-26 Adam PohoreckiBump version v0.33.11
2013-11-26 Adam PohoreckiUse newest rugged
2013-11-21 Marcin KulikBump the version v0.33.10
2013-11-21 Marcin KulikMake sure raw view doesn't append a newline character
2013-11-21 Marcin KulikUse latest makeup v0.33.9
2013-11-19 Christian JohansenMake repository.blob handle shas for blobs v0.33.8
2013-11-07 Marcin KulikBump version v0.33.7
2013-11-07 Marcin KulikPrevent to hang on commands...
2013-11-04 Adam PohoreckiBump version v0.33.6
2013-11-04 Adam PohoreckiHandle non-utf8 refs names
2013-11-04 Adam PohoreckiIgnore build files
2013-11-04 Adam PohoreckiBump version
2013-11-04 Adam PohoreckiRaise a more semantic error when viewing tree history...
2013-10-25 Christian JohansenMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/4' of git://gitorious...
2013-10-10 Ken Dreyerfix Rakefile on RHEL 6 4
2013-10-03 Ken Dreyeradd simplecov-rcov 3
2013-10-01 Ken Dreyerdelete Gemfile.lock 2
2013-09-24 Marcin KulikBump the version v0.33.4
2013-09-23 Marcin KulikURL encode all repo_urls instead of only tree paths
2013-09-23 Marcin KulikFix exception catching in SmartBlobRenderer
2013-09-20 Marcin Kulik"URL encode" all object urls
2013-09-17 Marcin KulikBump version v0.33.3
2013-09-17 Marcin KulikReplace invalid utf-8 characters with � in blob's text
2013-09-13 Marcin KulikBump the version v0.33.2
2013-09-13 Marcin KulikForce encoding of commit name in tree history to UTF-8
2013-09-06 Adam PohoreckiBump version v0.33.1
2013-09-06 Adam PohoreckiUpdate makeup version
2013-09-02 Christian JohansenFix for 1.8.7 v0.33.0
2013-09-02 Christian JohansenUp version v0.32.0
2013-09-02 Adam PohoreckiDetect gitorious submodules cloned over https 1
2013-09-02 Adam PohoreckiAdd links to submodules from gitorious, github and...
2013-08-22 Christian JohansenUp version v0.31.0
2013-08-22 Christian JohansenMake actual_blob actually work
2013-08-20 Christian JohansenAdd ability to resolve Readme as symlink
2013-08-19 Christian JohansenMake previous fix also work on 1.8.7 v0.30.0
2013-08-19 Christian JohansenUp version v0.29.0
2013-08-19 Christian JohansenWait for process to end in
2013-07-17 Christian JohansenUp version v0.28.0
2013-07-17 Christian JohansenInclude commit summary in blame line
2013-07-17 Christian JohansenPass error object to error template
2013-07-16 Christian JohansenSpecify language for readme code samples
2013-07-16 Christian JohansenRender dedicated page for unknown refs
2013-07-16 Christian JohansenUp version v0.27.0
2013-07-16 Christian JohansenMoar better readme
2013-07-16 Christian JohansenMigrate ControllerActions from Dolt to libdolt
2013-07-16 Christian JohansenRemove useless and unused gitorious repo resolver
2013-07-16 Christian JohansenSkip ruby-head on travis, it never works
2013-07-16 Christian JohansenFix travis config
2013-07-15 Christian JohansenDon't let markup render errors break trees v0.26.0
2013-07-15 Christian JohansenInclude filemode in blob views
2013-07-15 Christian JohansenDon't fail to render entire page if readme fails
2013-07-15 Christian JohansenUp version v0.25.0
2013-07-15 Christian JohansenRemove strange and unneeded internal abstraction
2013-07-15 Christian JohansenRename RepoActions -> RepositoryLookup
2013-07-15 Christian JohansenDon't make broken link to commit author
2013-07-11 Christian JohansenUp version v0.24.0
2013-07-11 Christian JohansenUse #readme to reach readme in trees
2013-07-11 Christian JohansenSmaller path in readme's in trees
2013-07-05 Christian JohansenLess rubies!
2013-07-05 Christian JohansenRequire bundler
2013-07-05 Christian JohansenCI reporter and rcov
2013-07-04 Christian JohansenUp version v0.23.0
2013-07-04 Christian JohansenFix test for newer Rugged
2013-07-04 Christian JohansenAdd empty template
2013-07-03 Christian JohansenUpdate rugged
2013-06-20 Christian JohansenUp version v0.22.0
2013-06-18 Christian JohansenInclude readme in tree_entry trees
2013-06-18 Christian JohansenUp version v0.21.0
2013-06-18 Christian JohansenSkipping jruby on Travis for now
2013-06-18 Christian JohansenHardcode timezone for tests
2013-06-18 Christian JohansenImprove test suite
2013-06-17 Christian JohansenSafely avoid Encoding on 1.8.x
2013-06-15 Christian JohansenAllow 404 template to be rendered without data