last changeWed, 6 Jul 2011 14:41:56 +0000 (16:41 +0200)
2011-07-06 Christian JohansenRe-enable RMagick master
2011-07-06 Christian JohansenDisable RMagick gem in an attempt of succeeding deploym...
2011-07-06 Christian JohansenRemove unneeded gems from gemfile
2011-07-06 Christian JohansenGemfile.lock is supposed to be in version control
2011-07-02 Eric DavisMerge branch 'stable'
2011-07-02 Eric DavisMerge branch 'release-v2.0.0' into stable
2011-07-02 Eric DavisBump version to 2.0.0 (final)
2011-07-02 Eric DavisUpdate CHANGELOG for 2.0.0
2011-07-02 Eric DavisMerge branch 'master' into release-v2.0.0
2011-07-01 Eric DavisWorkaround a test timing bug in CI for the release
2011-07-01 Gary VerhaegenSolves #503: parsing translations with psych in ruby 1.9
2011-07-01 Eric Davis[#493] Force loading the classes of activity provider
2011-07-01 Eric DavisAdd rescues to the aaj migrations for unsaved records.
2011-07-01 Eric Davis[#501] Ugly patch to stop creating journals when only...
2011-06-27 Eric DavisMerge branch 'release-v1.5.0'
2011-06-27 Eric DavisMerge branch 'release-v1.5.0' into stable
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