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2014-10-07 Marcin Kulik... do it properly.
2014-10-07 Marcin KulikWorkaround for the fact that github is a mirror
2014-10-07 Marcin KulikAllow failures on golang master
2014-10-07 Marcin KulikAdd travis-ci build configuration
2014-10-06 Marcin KulikUse more explicit key name from repo config JSON
2014-10-06 Marcin KulikFix typos
2014-10-06 Marcin KulikDocument pre-receive hook
2014-10-06 Marcin KulikDo nothing in post-receive hook when it's a local push
2014-10-03 Marcin KulikFix typo
2014-10-03 Marcin KulikImport hooks from gitorious/mainline
2014-10-02 Marcin KulikUse full absolute repository path from API
2014-10-02 Marcin KulikAdd more info about installation and development
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