2008-09-10 Philip (flip... Partial Walkthrough of independent install master
2008-09-10 Philip (flip... Partial Walkthrough of independent install
2008-09-09 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-08-23 Johan SørensenREXML security issue hotfix
2008-08-12 David AguilarHACKING: Add PostgreSQL tips and mention more rake...
2008-07-26 David AguilarAdd support for a configurable git-daemon user account
2008-07-22 Johan SørensenFix for "flag after width" exception notifier fail
2008-07-07 Johan Sørensenreword openid nickname collision error message just...
2008-07-04 Johan SørensenSupport namespaced branches better in the commits/trees...
2008-06-28 Johan SørensenFixed SyntaxError in user_spec, boo
2008-06-15 Patrick Aljordmake it possible for openid only user to change/create...
2008-06-10 Johan SørensenChanging password with a openid enabled account works...
2008-06-10 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/maint'
2008-06-10 David A. CuadradoAdded '+' to the branch/sha pattern
2008-06-09 Johan SørensenAdded open_id_authentication plugin
2008-06-09 Johan SørensenUpdated TODO
2008-06-09 Johan SørensenFixed issue with not normalizing identity_url when...
2008-06-09 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'patcitos/openid'
2008-06-09 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/refactor-repo-specs'
2008-06-01 Patrick Aljordfixed openid specs
2008-06-01 Patrick Aljordupdated openid migrations
2008-06-01 Patrick Aljordfix quotes in openid registration
2008-06-01 Patrick Aljordopenid specs pass, yay
2008-06-01 Patrick Aljordfix routes for openid, more work on specs but still...
2008-06-01 Patrick Aljordadd support for openid
2008-06-01 Johan SørensenUpdated to lastest rails + a patch of our own (in url_h...
2008-06-01 Johan SørensenUpdated some of the helper specs to the new-style
2008-06-01 Johan SørensenUpdated to latest will_paginate
2008-06-01 Johan SørensenUpdated to latest rspec
2008-06-01 Johan SørensenUpdated Rails to 2.1.0
2008-05-21 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'mailer' of git://
2008-05-21 Johan SørensenFixed failing Project spec, due to the recently introdu...
2008-05-21 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'make_description_obligatory' of git:...
2008-05-21 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/maint'
2008-05-20 Johan Sørensengruff being stu^H^H^Hsilly
2008-05-20 Johan SørensenCommit graphs has an empty "no data" message as well
2008-05-20 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/keep-all-commits'
2008-05-19 David A. CuadradoRefactored GitBackend
2008-05-19 David A. CuadradoRefactored specs for Repository and Trees Controller
2008-05-19 Johan SørensenFixed Repository#commit_graph_data_by_author edge case...
2008-05-19 David A. CuadradoOnly save commit events for repository committers
2008-05-07 David A. Cuadradoconvert the commit id to string because Comment#sha1...
2008-05-04 Johan SørensenPrefer String#constantize over eval
2008-05-03 David A. CuadradoRemove ending parenthesis after 'Edit project'
2008-05-03 David A. CuadradoAdded script to destroy invalid events
2008-05-03 David A. CuadradoDestroy events if associated project/user is deleted
2008-05-02 David A. CuadradoUse only the master"s commits to create events
2008-05-01 David A. Cuadradouse the commit date
2008-05-01 David A. Cuadradokeep all commit events on git-push
2008-05-01 Patrick Aljordmake project description obligatory
2008-05-01 Johan SørensenUnify Project#slug usage on events display and reword...
2008-05-01 Johan Sørensen"Trees" context link renamed to "source tree" under...
2008-05-01 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'fix-project-edit-html' of git://gitorious...
2008-05-01 Jonas FonsecaRemove ending parenthesis after "Edit project"
2008-04-30 Johan Sørensenmade clone link text include project slug on users...
2008-04-30 Johan SørensenWe don't use that term here
2008-04-30 Tim Dysingerswitched to ActionMailer::Base.default_url_options...
2008-04-29 Johan Sørensenupdated todo
2008-04-29 David A. CuadradoFIXED: order events desc
2008-04-29 David A. CuadradoMerge commit 'johan/new-ui' into new-ui
2008-04-29 Johan Sørensencolor code various events just a tiny bit
2008-04-29 Johan SørensenSmaller more matching feed icon
2008-04-29 Johan Sørensenhtml escape commits in events
2008-04-29 Johan SørensenMade the user feed a member action, since usernames...
2008-04-29 Johan Sørensenoutput less from rebuild_events
2008-04-29 David A. CuadradoUpdated TODO
2008-04-29 David A. Cuadradocommits-by-author graph should use gitorious username...
2008-04-29 Johan SørensenDisabling readme rendering until we decided on the...
2008-04-29 Johan SørensenFixed event display of commit message. TODO updated
2008-04-29 David A. Cuadradoatom feed for /events.
2008-04-29 David A. Cuadradosimple_format for event body
2008-04-29 David A. CuadradoFixed formatted user path, Make (more) visible the...
2008-04-29 David A. CuadradoSanitize the README content
2008-04-29 David A. CuadradoAdded method to link file path to blob
2008-04-29 David A. CuadradoRender README for repositories
2008-04-28 Johan Sørensenfix submenu positioning in webkit
2008-04-28 Johan SørensenSimplify rounded corners css, and add webkit support
2008-04-28 Johan SørensenPrint less from *-receive hooks
2008-04-28 Johan Sørensenfixed failing spec
2008-04-28 Johan Sørensenrevert merge_requests requires repos#has_commit? for now
2008-04-27 Johan SørensenAtom feeds for events
2008-04-27 Johan Sørensenadded "all" argument to rebuild_events script
2008-04-27 Johan Sørensencss color and padding tweaks
2008-04-27 Johan Sørensen- Smaller commit graphs
2008-04-27 Johan SørensenMake tab background white when not in context-menu...
2008-04-27 Johan SørensenMake the menu tabs have a selected class depending...
2008-04-27 Johan SørensenSimplify a few repository pages, and use a custom theme...
2008-04-27 Johan Sørensentiny styling and wording fixes
2008-04-27 Johan SørensenUse the context/sub menu when in the repository scope
2008-04-27 Johan Sørensenadd indexes to cloners table
2008-04-27 Johan Sørensenupdated todo for new-ui branch
2008-04-27 Johan Sørensenrepositories#index page overhaul
2008-04-27 Johan Sørensenadd some indexes to the events table
2008-04-27 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/graph-generator' into new-ui
2008-04-27 Johan Sørensenstyle and display fix of longer event data
2008-04-27 Johan Sørensenscript/rebuild_events rebuilds all events for a project
2008-04-27 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/new-ui' into new-ui
2008-04-27 David A. CuadradoFixed, improved and optimized script/rebuild_events
2008-04-26 Johan Sørensenfix unclosed p tag
2008-04-26 Johan SørensenClean up user page and submenus