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2014-01-10 Marcin KulikAdd info about accessing the running instance to the... master
2014-01-08 Marcin KulikImprove readme
2014-01-06 Marcin KulikGenerate ssh keypair for vagrant user so it can access...
2013-12-30 Marcin KulikMention recommended VirtualBox version in the readme
2013-12-30 Marcin KulikUse docker friendly vagrant boxes (for both vbox and...
2013-12-30 Marcin KulikUse the more standard precise64 vagrant box
2013-12-30 Marcin KulikMore readme updates
2013-12-30 Marcin KulikLanguage fix in readme
2013-12-30 Marcin KulikWords
2013-12-30 Marcin KulikUpdate readme for the new gitoriousctl script
2013-12-28 Marcin KulikAdd ssh subcommand to gitoriousctl
2013-12-28 Marcin KulikConvert start script into a bit full featured gitoriousctl
2013-12-28 Marcin KulikAllow connection to supervisord via supervisorctl
2013-12-27 Marcin KulikDon't treat /bin/bash in a special way in start script
2013-12-27 Marcin KulikExpose authentication.yml file
2013-12-27 Marcin KulikExpose log files to host for debugging purposes
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