2014-06-17 Marcin KulikFix memcache config of Rails app
2014-06-16 Marcin KulikAllow overriding all the config files
2014-06-16 Marcin KulikMake sure we actually get 2 cores in vagrant VM
2014-06-16 Marcin KulikUse erb command to generate nginx conf instead of our own
2014-05-26 Pawel PierzchalaAdd mysql-client to app
2014-05-26 Marcin KulikSymlink internal gitorious hooks during sshd container...
2014-05-26 Marcin KulikPersist uploads in /srv/gitorious/data/uploads
2014-05-21 Marcin KulikPut VERSION file in public/ when building app container
2014-05-21 Marcin KulikUse proper port forwarding for ssh in vagrant VM
2014-05-21 Marcin KulikDon't overwrite app's run script in sphinx image
2014-05-20 Marcin KulikAdd placeholder custom hooks for running real custom...
2014-05-20 Marcin KulikAdd moah RAM to vagrant VM
2014-05-14 Marcin KulikPut REVISION file into public
2014-05-14 Marcin KulikMake checkout an explicit step when building "app"...
2014-05-14 Marcin KulikAdd make task for pushing sshd container
2014-05-14 Marcin KulikAdd make task for pushing nginx image
2014-05-08 Pawel PierzchalaMove rsync to an earlier layer
2014-05-08 Pawel PierzchalaAdd docker variables to git's env
2014-05-07 Marcin KulikFix copying of assets into assets volume
2014-05-06 Marcin KulikCopy app's assets to assets volume (to be served by...
2014-05-06 Marcin KulikFix path to generated internal ssh key
2014-05-06 Pawel PierzchalaMake sshd run script executable
2014-05-06 Pawel PierzchalaUse correct paht for authorized_keys
2014-05-06 Marcin KulikFix default ssh clone port
2014-05-06 Marcin KulikFix overriden path to repositories
2014-05-06 Pawel PierzchalaBump ubuntu version in mysql image
2014-05-06 Pawel PierzchalaCopy host's git key to authorized_keys
2014-05-06 Pawel PierzchalaSet env variable with authorized_keys_path
2014-05-06 Marcin KulikDisconnect nginx image from gitorious/app
2014-05-06 Marcin KulikAdd push make task for mysql image
2014-05-06 Marcin KulikClean up app image building instructions
2014-04-29 Pawel PierzchalaBuild all images
2014-04-29 Marcin KulikAdd push make task for memcached image
2014-04-29 Marcin KulikRun git-daemon as user git
2014-04-29 Marcin KulikBase memcached image on Ubuntu 14.04
2014-04-29 Marcin KulikInstall sudo in app container
2014-04-29 Marcin KulikUse vagrant box for latest Ubuntu 14.04
2014-04-25 Marcin KulikUpgrade git-daemon image to be based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
2014-04-25 Marcin KulikUpdate readme of redis image
2014-04-25 Marcin KulikAdd readme for redis image
2014-04-25 Marcin KulikAdd make task for pushing redis image to public docker...
2014-04-24 Marcin KulikUpdate redis.conf for redis 2.8
2014-04-24 Marcin KulikUse latest Ubuntu LTS release as a base
2014-04-23 Marcin KulikDefine sshd docker image
2014-04-23 Marcin KulikDefine "test" image with capybaras, phantomjs and whatnot
2014-04-23 Marcin KulikMove install script and upstart jobs to ce-installer...
2014-04-23 Marcin KulikMatch gitorious.yml settings with the ones that puppet...
2014-04-23 Marcin KulikDon't expose app's tmp dir as a volume
2014-04-23 Marcin KulikMove Vagrantfile to repo root, it is more helpfull...
2014-04-23 Marcin KulikRemove workaround from mysql Dockerfile
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikFetch gitorious/postfix image during installation
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikDefine postfix docker image
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikUse proper SMTP address/port
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikAdd first version of the installation script
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikAdd upstart service files for monitoring docker containers
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikDefine sphinx search daemon docker image
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikDefine main Gitorious app docker image
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikDefine nginx docker image
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikDefine git-daemon docker image
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikConfigure redis to listen on all interfaces
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikFix redis logging when /var/log/redis is mount to host
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikFix mysql logging when /var/log/mysql volume is mounted...
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikAdd Vagrantfile defining ubuntu box with docker preinst...
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikAdd basic readme for docker scripts
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikDefine mysql docker image
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikDefine memcached docker image
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikAdd readme for packer stuff
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikDefine redis docker image
2014-04-15 Marcin KulikAdd basic readme file