updated todo
[gitorious:fonsecas-clone.git] / TODO.txt
2008-04-29 Johan Sørensenupdated todo master
2008-04-29 David A. CuadradoMerge commit 'johan/new-ui' into new-ui
2008-04-29 David A. CuadradoUpdated TODO
2008-04-29 Johan SørensenFixed event display of commit message. TODO updated
2008-04-28 Johan Sørensenfix submenu positioning in webkit
2008-04-27 Johan SørensenMake the menu tabs have a selected class depending...
2008-04-27 Johan SørensenSimplify a few repository pages, and use a custom theme...
2008-04-27 Johan Sørensenupdated todo for new-ui branch
2008-04-27 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/graph-generator' into new-ui
2008-04-22 David A. CuadradoHide big 'No Data' message
2008-04-22 David A. CuadradoRepository#commit_graph_data_by_author: use git-shortlo...
2008-04-19 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/events' into project-events
2008-04-18 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'teknofire/master'
2008-04-18 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'master' into ruby-git-daemon
2008-04-17 Johan SørensenDon't prepend http:// to empty project urls
2008-04-17 Johan SørensenDon't break tree browser table when there's no last_commit
2008-04-17 WillMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/gitorious...
2008-04-17 Tim DysingerNormalize url fields (eg add if it aint there) on...
2008-04-16 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'teknofire/master'
2008-04-16 Johan SørensenTODO updated
2008-04-14 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/gitorious...
2008-04-12 Johan SørensenAlways show the author in the commit infobox, just...
2008-04-12 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/graph-generator'
2008-04-12 Johan Sørensenreset password functionality
2008-04-06 Johan SørensenUpdated TODO
2008-04-04 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'master' into events
2008-03-30 Johan SørensenPrettified graphs and graphing code
2008-03-19 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/gitorious...
2008-03-18 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/gitorious...
2008-03-18 Johan SørensenUpdated vendor/rails to latest trunk
2008-03-18 Johan SørensenUpdated TODO
2008-03-11 David A. CuadradoMerge mainline
2008-03-11 Johan Sørensenshow branches on repositories#show
2008-03-11 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/gitorious...
2008-03-07 David A. CuadradoMerge mainline
2008-03-07 Johan Sørensenfixed tarball downloading
2008-03-04 Johan Sørensenupdated TODO
2008-03-04 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/gitorious...
2008-03-04 Johan Sørensenupdate TODO and freezed new grit lib
2008-03-03 Johan SørensenMerged TODO with the one on my desktop
2008-03-03 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'master' of git://gitorious.org/gitorious...
2008-03-02 David A. CuadradoArchive source tree
2008-02-22 August LilleaasMerge git://gitorious.org/gitorious/mainline
2008-02-22 Johan SørensenUpdated repo browser and other git lib related things
2008-02-03 Johan SørensenAdded a failsafe for checking that the repos deletion...
2008-01-14 Johan Sørensenremoved unused functionality of Diff::Display
2008-01-13 Johan SørensenUpdated TODO
2008-01-13 Johan Sørensenpaginated repos log views
2008-01-12 Johan Sørensenlog less from tasks and update todo
2008-01-12 Johan Sørensendiff mode selector
2008-01-11 Johan Sørensenupdated TODO
2008-01-11 Johan SørensenAdded the TODO