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last changeMon, 24 Mar 2014 10:21:28 +0000 (11:21 +0100)
2014-03-24 Marcin KulikUp UI build master
2014-03-21 Marcin KulikPrevent creation of commiter-removed events for removed...
2014-03-21 Pawel PierzchalaInherit user setting in exec script. Refs #31
2014-03-20 Pawel PierzchalaUse configs prefixed with production in scripts. Closes...
2014-03-20 Marcin KulikModel file is not an executable
2014-03-19 Marcin KulikFix comment editing paths
2014-03-19 Marcin KulikUp UI build
2014-03-18 Marcin KulikStore last MR sequence number on repository
2014-03-13 Pawel PierzchalaSort groups alphabetically. Closes #8.
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikFix push processor test expectations
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikCode re-formatting
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikCreate MR tracking repository in MR processor *synchron...
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikRemove obsolete expectation
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikAdd blackbox test for CreateNewMergeRequestVersion...
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikDecouple MR processing code pieces
2014-03-12 Marcin KulikEasier pushing and finding merge base when you only...
4 years ago v3.0.0 Version 3.0.0
4 years ago v3-rc1 First release candidate for Gitorio...
5 years ago v2.4.12 Update to Rails 2.3.18
5 years ago v2.4.11 Fix two bugs from 2.4.10
5 years ago v2.4.10 Various bug fixes
5 years ago v2.4.9 Fix regression bug in 2.4.8 when...
5 years ago v2.4.8 Address security vulnerabilities...
5 years ago v2.4.7 Gitorious 2.4.7
5 years ago v2.4.6 Fix for vulnerability CVE-2013...
5 years ago show This release fixes the vulnerabilit...
5 years ago v2.4.5 This release fixes the vulnerabilit...
5 years ago v2.4.4 Minor bug fixes
5 years ago v2.4.3 Gitorious 2.4.3
5 years ago v2.4.2 Fix a bug which caused Projects...
5 years ago tmptag
5 years ago v2.4.1 Fix a bug which would keep push...
4 years ago master
4 years ago notifications_wip
4 years ago jira-service
4 years ago 2.x-stable
4 years ago feature/view-updates
4 years ago grit-upgrade
4 years ago user-views-update
4 years ago feature/new-project-ui
4 years ago mirroring
5 years ago feature/dolt-integration
5 years ago feature/use-case
5 years ago feature/gts3-ui
5 years ago dolt-integration
5 years ago features/multiple_roots
6 years ago features/update-execption-notification
6 years ago features/cluster-support