Support pretty display of submodules in the tree view
[gitorious:dysinger.git] / app / models / repository.rb
2009-01-19 Johan SørensenSupport pretty display of submodules in the tree view
2009-01-15 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'git-wikis'
2009-01-15 Johan SørensenMake trees+logs controllers support head_candidates...
2009-01-14 Johan Sørensenpost-receive hook supports wiki repositories as well
2009-01-13 Johan SørensenAdded Page model and a kind column to repositories...
2009-01-07 Fabio Akitamore small tweaks to fix 2.2.2 migration.
2008-12-01 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-11-28 Tor Arne VestbøAdd copyright and license headers (AGPL) to code files
2008-09-09 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-07-26 David AguilarAdd support for a configurable git-daemon user account
2008-06-09 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/refactor-repo-specs'
2008-05-21 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'mailer' of git://
2008-05-21 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'make_description_obligatory' of git:...
2008-05-21 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/maint'
2008-05-20 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/keep-all-commits'
2008-05-19 Johan SørensenFixed Repository#commit_graph_data_by_author edge case...
2008-04-29 David A. CuadradoMerge commit 'johan/new-ui' into new-ui
2008-04-29 David A. Cuadradocommits-by-author graph should use gitorious username...
2008-04-27 Johan Sørensenrepositories#index page overhaul
2008-04-27 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/graph-generator' into new-ui
2008-04-22 David A. CuadradoRepository#commit_graph_data_by_author: use git-shortlo...
2008-04-19 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'krawek/events' into project-events
2008-04-18 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'ruby-git-daemon'
2008-04-18 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'master' into ruby-git-daemon
2008-04-15 Johan Sørensenmade the ruby git-daemon support options and moved...
2008-04-14 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-04-14 David A. Cuadradocount how many times a repository has been cloned from...
2008-04-13 David A. CuadradoFind repository by path
2008-04-10 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'dysinger/commit-log-shows-author'
2008-04-10 Tim Dysingerchanged the commit log partial to show author - not...
2008-04-08 David A. Cuadradorefactoring to use polymorphic associations (USER does...
2008-04-04 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'master' into events
2008-04-01 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-03-31 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-03-31 David A. CuadradoAdded options to to_xml
2008-03-31 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-03-31 Johan Sørensenraise cutoff number for commits_by_author stats
2008-03-30 Johan Sørensenmove #users_by_commits into Repository model where...
2008-03-30 Johan SørensenGenerate graphs locally using gruff and ./script/graph_...
2008-03-30 Johan SørensenFix 0-padded week data building in Repository#commit_gr...
2008-03-30 Johan SørensenPrettified graphs and graphing code
2008-03-29 Johan SørensenClean up users#show a wee bit
2008-03-20 David A. CuadradoImplemented user event system
2008-03-20 David A. CuadradoClone projects using gitorious hooks
2008-03-20 David A. CuadradoCreate projects using gitorious hooks
2008-03-18 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-03-18 Johan SørensenDelete matching merge requests when deleting a repository
2008-03-11 David A. CuadradoMerge mainline
2008-03-11 Johan SørensenMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-03-11 Johan Sørensenproper paginated commits
2008-03-05 David ChelimskyUse GitoriousConfig['gitorious_host'] instead of new...
2008-03-05 David ChelimskyAdded GitoriousConfig['gitorious_host']
2008-03-03 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-03-02 Johan SørensenMergeRequest wrapup of views and permissions
2008-03-02 Johan SørensenAdded MergeRequest views and related
2008-03-02 Johan Sørensenmerge request controllers and specs
2008-02-29 David A. CuadradoMerge branch 'master' of git://
2008-02-28 Johan SørensenAdded a HTTP clone url to repositories
2008-02-24 Johan SørensenMerge commit 'leethal/master'
2008-02-22 Johan Sørensensimplify default clone name
2008-02-22 August LilleaasMerge git://
2008-02-22 Johan SørensenUpdated repo browser and other git lib related things
2008-02-10 Johan Sørensen* allow project deletion if there's no clones yet
2008-02-03 Johan SørensenAdded a failsafe for checking that the repos deletion...
2008-02-03 Johan SørensenRefactored Diff::Display classes
2008-01-20 Johan Sørensenshow last commit date in project overview repository...
2008-01-07 Johan SørensenRepository destroys its comments on destroy
2008-01-06 Johan SørensenAdded commenting of repositories and commits
2008-01-05 Johan Sørensenadded application yaml config file usage
2007-12-31 Johan Sørensennon-project-admins can only clone repositories
2007-12-30 Johan SørensenRename from KeyserSource to Gitorious
2007-12-27 Johan Sørensenauto-suggest a name when cloning a repository
2007-12-27 Johan Sørensen* Make Task take more than one argument
2007-12-26 Johan Sørensenadd a target_id to Task that is responsible for setting...
2007-12-25 Johan Sørensenslightly more dev friendly error msg
2007-12-16 Johan SørensenTask system for async repos and ssh keys handling
2007-12-16 Johan Sørensen* beginnings of a Task system
2007-12-13 Johan Sørensenrename Permission to Committership
2007-12-12 Johan Sørensenxml support for comitters controller, and a small refac...
2007-12-12 Johan Sørensensupport xml requests on repositories_controller
2007-12-09 Johan Sørensenuser Repository#name as the param value
2007-12-07 Johan Sørensenreadify was a silly thing to do
2007-12-07 Johan SørensenRepository#readify
2007-12-06 Johan Sørensencloning a repository are go
2007-12-02 Johan Sørensenmade repositories live under the project slug dir
2007-12-02 Johan SørensenRepository#name must be unique within projects
2007-12-02 Johan Sørensen- added a MockGitBackend for tests
2007-12-02 Johan Sørensen* vendored ruby/git
2007-12-02 Johan SørensenRepository creates a bare git repos after_create
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensenadded permissions to repositories
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensenadded clone_url and push_url
2007-11-19 Johan SørensenRepository knows its own url
2007-11-19 Johan Sørensen- add new repository views
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensenrepository controller CRUD
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensenadded basic Repository model, added slug to project
2007-11-18 Johan Sørensenadded repository model and User#ssh_key