Stop using next as installer branch
[gitorious:ce-installer.git] /
2013-12-17 Pawel PierzchalaAdd assets compilation to upgrade script
2013-12-16 Pawel PierzchalaUse monit to stop unicorns during upgrade process
2013-12-16 Pawel PierzchalaDetect an old gitorious-unicorn config
2013-12-16 Pawel PierzchalaMake the updated script executable
2013-12-16 Pawel PierzchalaUse specific version instead of master in the update...
2013-12-16 Pawel PierzchalaUse relative paths in upgrade script
2013-11-18 Adam PohoreckiFix invalid data and print configuration warnings
2013-11-18 Adam PohoreckiAdd upgrade script to update from v2 to v3