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2015-02-10 Marcin KulikAllow "big" clones and archive downloads passing throug... master
2015-01-22 Marcin KulikReuse existing host setting when upgrading
2014-12-12 Marcin KulikFix routing regexp to gitorious-http-backend
2014-12-08 Marcin KulikMove config file templates to a separate dir
2014-12-08 Marcin KulikConfigure log rotation
2014-12-05 Marcin KulikImport changes from upstream (gitorious/mainline) sampl...
2014-12-05 Marcin KulikUse distro-specific nginx user for worker processes
2014-12-04 Marcin KulikAllow installing arbitrary version with VERSION env var
2014-12-04 Marcin KulikDon't run error handler on ctrl-c
2014-12-04 Marcin KulikFix superfluous wording
2014-12-04 Marcin KulikKeep public_mode value in sync with the previous installer next
2014-12-04 Marcin KulikMove upgrading Q to the top of FAQ
2014-12-04 Marcin KulikRemove noise from readme
2014-12-04 Marcin KulikUpdate readme
2014-12-03 Marcin KulikUpdate readme for 3.2
2014-12-03 Marcin KulikExit from error handler, dude
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