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last changeThu, 15 Nov 2012 02:24:49 +0000 (00:24 -0200)
2012-11-15 Andrew ErossAdded a simple 'openid_default_provider_url' optional... master
2012-10-31 Marius MathiesenMerge branch 'hotfix/fix_migration'
2012-10-31 Marius MathiesenWiki git path is a text attribute
2012-10-31 Marius MathiesenResolve an issue where migrations would be canceled...
2012-10-30 Marius MathiesenMerge branch 'hotfix/fix_empty_group'
2012-10-30 Marius MathiesenFix an error where creating an invalid group would...
2012-10-16 Marius MathiesenUpdate HACKING to reflect the git-flow branching model
2012-10-12 Thomas Kjeldahl... Remove extra puts
2012-10-12 Thomas Kjeldahl... Make sure mirrored project dir is present before symlinking
2012-10-11 Thomas Kjeldahl... Merge branch 'master' of
2012-10-11 Thomas Kjeldahl... When mirroring repo dir, put each repo under project...
2012-10-10 Christian JohansenExcessive white-space
2012-10-10 Christian JohansenExplictily provide which mainlines and clones to serial...
2012-10-09 Marius MathiesenFix issue #125: empty list of target branches
2012-10-08 Marius MathiesenSupport access granted on a user level when using LDAP features/ldap_authorization
2012-10-08 Marius MathiesenFix incorrect merge of MergeRequestsController
5 years ago v2.3.2 Resolve issue with an older databas...
5 years ago v2.3.1 Gitorious CLI scripts, unicorn...
5 years ago v2.3.0 Kerberos, custom hooks, diagnostics...
6 years ago v2.2.1 Makes the sync adapter work again
6 years ago v2.2.0 Private repositories, site-level...
6 years ago v2.1.1 Resolve a potential vulnerability...
6 years ago v2.1.0 Graphs, HTTP API, blame, improved...
6 years ago v2.0.2 Patches a XSS vulnerability
6 years ago v2.0.1 New messaging API, pagination impro...
6 years ago v2.0.0 First versioned version of Gitorious
7 years ago test-tag
7 years ago loba-loba
7 years ago SPEC
7 years ago 20110110-1 deployment
5 years ago next
5 years ago master
5 years ago feature/rails3
5 years ago migration_fix
5 years ago feature/rails-upgrade
5 years ago dolt-integration
5 years ago features/ldap_authorization
5 years ago features/multiple_roots
6 years ago features/update-execption-notification
6 years ago private-repos
6 years ago self-diagnostics
6 years ago features/cluster-support
6 years ago torque-messaging
7 years ago rails-3.1
7 years ago rails-3.0
7 years ago rails3