2011-03-24 Robert L ToscanoProperly handles case when filebrowser plugin not enabled. v1.2.2
2011-03-24 Robert L ToscanoPerforms root-level commit when committing from Reposit...
2011-03-24 Robert L ToscanoChanges print statement to log statement.
2011-03-20 Robert L ToscanoAdds version to plugin description. v1.2.1
2011-03-20 Robert L ToscanoFixes case when FileBrowser not enabled.
2011-03-20 Robert L ToscanoImplements vcs checkout feature.
2011-03-20 Robert L ToscanoUpdates INSTALL file with note about installing on...
2011-03-16 Robert L ToscanoAdds -uall flag to git status call to get untracked...
2011-03-15 Robert L ToscanoAdd copyright and remove fetch functionality from repo... v1.2
2011-03-15 Robert L ToscanoRefactors some logging, removes TODO, adds README for...
2011-03-15 Robert L ToscanoFixes disconnecting when there is no connections on...
2011-03-15 Robert L ToscanoFixes truncation of first 3 chars of file paths.
2011-03-14 Robert L ToscanoImplements reloading file branches.
2011-03-13 Robert L ToscanoAdds commit functionality back into RepositoryPane.
2011-03-13 Robert L ToscanoAdds new icons.
2011-03-13 Robert L ToscanoUses default icon for giterdone.
2011-03-13 Robert L ToscanoMajorly refactors infrastructure.
2011-03-10 Robert L ToscanoAdds Makefile to help create release packages.
2011-03-10 Robert L ToscanoForgot to include these changes in the last commit.
2011-03-10 Robert L ToscanoAdds bundled icon set to giterdone.
2010-07-19 Robert L ToscanoBroke check repos into separate idle_add calls
2010-07-11 Robert L ToscanoPrevents adding duplicate repositories
2010-07-09 Robert L ToscanoFixed prefix matching
2010-07-09 Robert L ToscanoAdded logging
2010-07-09 Robert L ToscanoFixed doc
2010-04-27 Robert L ToscanoFixes RM actions not properly deactivating when only...
2010-04-27 Robert L ToscanoAbstracted loading of icons and emblems.
2010-04-25 Robert L ToscanoFixes importing logic to not use sys.path.
2010-04-19 Robert L ToscanoMerge commit 'v1.0' v1.1
2010-04-19 Robert L ToscanoRenames occurences of 'svc' to 'vcs'.
2010-04-19 Robert L ToscanoUpdates copyright headers.
2010-04-19 Robert L ToscanoAdds support for branch name.
2010-04-19 Robert L ToscanoRemoves unused repository commands.
2010-04-19 Robert L ToscanoAdds commit support for svn
2010-04-17 Robert L ToscanoAdds svn interface.
2010-04-17 Robert L ToscanoSeparates commit message template logic into svc interf...
2010-04-17 Robert L ToscanoMoved has_msg logic to the svc interface
2010-04-17 Robert L Toscano# To cancel this commit close this file without making...
2010-04-11 Robert L ToscanoModularized svc interfaces.
2010-04-11 Robert L ToscanoMore refactoring.
2010-04-10 Robert L ToscanoRefactored.
2010-04-10 Robert L ToscanoMoved to more modularized design.
2009-11-20 Robert L ToscanoRemove debug prints
2009-11-20 Robert L ToscanoFixes colored git-output and spaces in file names
2009-10-17 RobertSome finishing touches for this release. v1.0
2009-10-17 RobertMade sure to remove context items on deactivation
2009-10-16 RobertReplaced unique_path with python one in main fb panel.
2009-10-16 RobertAdded completed activate and deactivate and fixed versi...
2009-08-14 Robert L ToscanoMore updates
2009-08-14 Robert L ToscanoMade everything so beautiful
2009-08-14 Robert L ToscanoAdded .gitignore
2009-08-13 Robert Toscanorefactoring rm
2009-08-13 Robert ToscanoMore updates
2009-08-13 Robert L ToscanoAdded popup menu for repo manager
2009-08-12 Robert L ToscanoAdded repository manager
2009-08-11 Robert L ToscanoUpdated for new tag of gedit: 2.27.4
2009-08-11 Robert L ToscanoUpdated todo
2009-08-11 Robert L ToscanoAdded todo list
2009-08-11 Robert L ToscanoNow implemented git diff and other fixes
2009-08-10 Robert L Toscano# To cancel this commit close this file without making...
2009-08-09 Robert L Toscanoworking on git commit
2009-08-09 Robert L Toscanocan now do git add
2009-08-09 Robert L ToscanoOptimized git status calls
2009-08-07 Robert ToscanoFixed git parsing.
2009-08-06 Robert ToscanoFinished basic visualization of git state
2009-08-06 Robert Toscanobasic functionality
2009-08-05 Robert Toscanoinitial commit