last changeMon, 5 Apr 2010 21:45:12 +0000 (23:45 +0200)
2010-04-05 Ruben VermeerschOverride Dispose instead of Close in GioStream. master
2010-03-19 Gabriel BurtClarify license; gio-sharp is MIT/X11
2010-03-06 Ruben VermeerschMake it pass distcheck. distcheck-fix
2010-01-18 Gabriel Burtdist fixes
2010-01-18 Gabriel Burtimplements GioStream.SetLength
2009-11-13 Stephane Delcroixdrop a leftover
2009-11-13 Stephane Delcroixwrap IOStream in GIOStream too
2009-11-13 Stephane Delcroixpass the CSC_FLAGS to the compiler
2009-11-13 Stephane Delcroixdon't bind the socket stuffs
2009-11-12 Stephane Delcroixstart working on 2.22
2009-11-12 Stephane Delcroixquick fix for the generator
2009-11-12 Stephane Delcroixallow building multiple versions of the API
2009-11-12 Tor LillqvistEnable building on Windows with .NET and MSYS
2009-09-15 Stephane Delcroixhackish, and not quite right, drop them
2009-09-15 Stephane Delcroixadding CreationTime, while we're at it
2009-09-14 Stephane Delcroixso it looks like Vfs.Mtime
7 years ago kill-systemuri
8 years ago master
8 years ago distcheck-fix