last changeThu, 27 Oct 2011 18:53:13 +0000 (14:53 -0400)
2011-10-27 Shaun McCanceUpdated sample gnome-help pages master
2011-10-25 Shaun McCancegnomehelp.c: Implement new filter-tag property
2011-10-22 Shaun McCancegnomehelp.c: Actually launch the help URI on activation
2011-10-21 Shaun McCanceSupport hints for launching help actions
2011-10-20 Shaun McCancegnomehelp: Support new help: URI scheme
2011-10-20 Shaun McCancegnome-help-compile: Create cache of pages in help path
2011-10-11 Shaun McCanceRemoved GHelpActionGroup
2011-07-20 Shaun McCanceAdded example document
2011-07-20 Shaun McCanceProper build infrastructure
2011-07-19 Shaun McCanceDon't leak
2011-07-19 Shaun McCanceImplement ->search properly, with title and desc
2011-07-19 Shaun McCanceUse Mallard sort titles when available
2011-07-19 Shaun McCanceExtract tags from actual tag element
2011-07-17 Shaun McCanceSwitch to GActionGroup-based GHelp API
2011-07-15 Shaun McCancegnomehelp: Implement GHelp->search
2011-07-12 Shaun McCancegnomehelp: Initial commit
6 years ago master