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2013-10-05 Étienne LoksRegroup towns: fix bad split of names master
2013-10-04 Étienne LoksRegroup towns: convert Polygon to MultiPolygon when...
2013-10-03 Étienne LoksAllow departement filtering
2013-10-03 Étienne LoksFix town regroup bugs
2013-04-23 Étienne LoksMore flexible settings
2013-04-21 Étienne LoksFix a bug in town regroup - reactivate admin for towns
2013-04-15 Étienne LoksAdd some default SRID in settings
2013-04-09 Étienne LoksMerge branch 'master' of
2013-04-09 Étienne LoksQuick and dirty fixes for new geofla content
2012-05-03 Étienne LoksMerge pull request #1 from quinode/master
2012-04-27 Dominique Guardiolamanque utils dans setup
2012-02-19 Étienne LoksComplete "funding" section in README
2012-01-05 Étienne LoksChange requirements
2012-01-05 Étienne LoksAdd a setup file
2012-01-02 Étienne LoksRemove unecessary import statements
2012-01-02 Étienne LoksREADME reagencement
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