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2008-09-28 Johan Nilssonupdated master
2008-09-28 Johan Nilssonadded check if tmp_name file exists, otherwise a check...
2008-09-28 Johan Nilssonadded moveUploadedFile
2008-09-28 Johan Nilssonbug fixes
2008-09-28 Johan Nilssonmoved to adapter
2008-09-28 Johan Nilssonrenamed from Manipulation
2008-09-27 Johan Nilssonremove tmp files 0.9.0b
2008-09-27 Johan Nilssonlicence
2008-09-27 Johan Nilssonrenamed manipulate to manipulator
2008-09-27 Johan Nilssonadded documentation
2008-09-27 Johan Nilssonadded callback for getting the store path from the...
2008-09-23 Johan Nilssonfixed delete and adding storing of prev file, the bug...
2008-09-22 Johan Nilssonfixed some bugs related to inflector changes
2008-09-22 Johan Nilssonadded usage of inflector for store path, allows for...
2008-09-21 Johan Nilssonimproved deleteAll
2008-09-21 Johan Nilssonadded delete
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