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2011-11-28 Pablo Escobarfirst version which seems to work with optparse module... master
2011-11-28 Pablo Escobaradded .gitignore
2011-11-10 Pablo Escobarrenamed to
2011-11-10 Pablo Escobarrun 'qconf -sql' to fectch available queues if AVAIL_QU...
2011-11-09 Pablo Escobaradded import error checking
2011-11-09 Pablo Escobaradded config at beginning to make it more generic to...
2011-11-09 Pablo Escobaradded examples in help (again, lost in previous merge...
2011-11-09 Pablo Escobarbe sure to always get absolute path to cmds file. you...
2011-11-09 Pablo Escobarfransuaaaaaaaa ahora sii
2011-11-09 Pablo Escobaradded Fransua improvements
2011-11-09 Pablo Escobaradded examples to help
2011-11-09 Pablo Escobarseparate the function generate_run_file()
2011-11-08 Pablo Escobaradded some error checking in input args
2011-11-08 Pablo Escobaradded -N option for job_name
2011-11-08 Pablo Escobaradded some comments
2011-11-08 Pablo Escobarfirst working version
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