2009-10-22 Jordiuse the Ogre version of ubuntu master
2009-10-21 natepakImproved the multiray shape
2009-10-21 natepakUpdated the test world
2009-10-21 natepakMove all entity pose storage in the Entityclass.
2009-10-21 natepakUpdates to bullet and ode interfaces
2009-10-17 robotosupdate some docs
2009-10-16 robotosoutput the ODE param we are using to compile
2009-10-16 robotoscompiling with -DdSINGLE or -DdDOUBLE according to...
2009-10-16 natepakBullet branch, version 2
2009-10-15 robotosupdating installation instructions
2009-10-14 hsujohnhsupatch to check absolute and relative paths for a mesh...
2009-10-06 natepakApplied patch #2811424
2009-10-06 natepakCleaned up the trimesh loading
2009-10-06 natepakRemoved some print statements
2009-10-06 natepakUpdated the trimesh world and added an empty world
2009-10-06 natepakAdded a universal mesh loader
2009-10-01 natepakUpdate the camera throttling
2009-09-30 natepakAdded better error messages to the configuration process
2009-09-30 natepakFixed a problem with FreeImage in the build process...
2009-09-23 hsujohnhsuadd modifier key (control-key) for model select and...
2009-09-20 hsujohnhsumake Image search through gazebo resource paths on...
2009-09-11 natepakUpdated saving of the world
2009-09-02 hsujohnhsuadded cylinder stacks.
2009-08-26 hsujohnhsuset invalid quaternion to identity on construction.
2009-08-26 hsujohnhsupass through ODE flags for DdSINGLE or DdDOUBLE.
2009-08-26 hsujohnhsufix race condition errors:
2009-08-24 robotosraygeom should not create lines if not to be rendered
2009-08-23 robotosactually setting the fiducial and retro info model...
2009-08-18 hsujohnhsuthrow error when fail to open SimulationIface.
2009-08-14 natepakAdded a tube shape to the OgreSimpleShape
2009-08-11 natepakAdded a BIGENDIAN check to for compatibility...
2009-08-09 hsujohnhsucomments on assert in SetGeom for trimesh class.
2009-08-07 natepakAdded beginnings of rovio model
2009-08-03 hsujohnhsucomment out debug outputs.
2009-07-30 hsujohnhsufix Model::Reset(): keep pose offset from canonical...
2009-07-30 hsujohnhsucomment out if statement that seems wrong for Trimesh...
2009-07-30 hsujohnhsucomment out debug message.
2009-07-30 hsujohnhsufix startup client wait loop.
2009-07-29 hsujohnhsustop physics update when resetting world.
2009-07-29 hsujohnhsustop physics loop from updating when manipulating objec...
2009-07-23 natepakAdded dInitODE2 and thread safety for ODE
2009-07-22 hsujohnhsuexplicitly linking audeo_video agains avformat and...
2009-07-22 thjcadd link dir for ruby bindings in gazebo
2009-07-22 thjcinclude playerxdr.h via playercore.h
2009-07-21 hsujohnhsuallow joint attaching body to world.
2009-07-13 asadatchanged the name format in the generated tree of interf...
2009-07-13 thjcupdate include paths to work with new layout in player...
2009-07-11 rtvworking on time sync
2009-07-11 hsujohnhsuforgot to delete param pointers on exit.
2009-07-11 hsujohnhsuadded options to set ODE's
2009-07-11 hsujohnhsuexplicitly specify default Geom collision bits as GZ_AL...
2009-07-11 hsujohnhsuremove calls in Model::Load()
2009-07-11 hsujohnhsuupdate World shutdown: remove factory Iface during...
2009-07-11 hsujohnhsuupdate Factory destructor.
2009-07-11 robotoscatching text only exceptions in Ruby
2009-07-11 robotosGetModelFiducialID to SimulationIface. Catch closing...
2009-07-11 robotosRevert previous patch on the radious of the differentia...
2009-07-10 hsujohnhsucheck>realTime when doing Client...
2009-07-10 robotoscorrectly calculate the radius
2009-07-09 robotosadded copyright to the ruby interface file
2009-07-09 robotosRuby position and bumper examples
2009-07-09 robotosDont wait forever if we can not open the interface
2009-07-09 robotosRuby bindings for libgazebo
2009-07-08 natepakAdded Ambient GLSL programs
2009-07-08 natepakAdded CPack stuff
2009-07-06 natepakFixed usercamera race condition
2009-07-03 robotosLots of properties can be required from player. Added...
2009-07-03 hsujohnhsuthrow an error if the body mass is 0.
2009-07-02 robotosset the fiducial params for the model
2009-07-01 hsujohnhsumake it so bandit does not tip over.
2009-07-01 hsujohnhsuupdate test stacks world.
2009-07-01 natepakFixed compilation of openal controller
2009-06-27 natepakFixed pause
2009-06-27 natepakRemoved the file from cmake
2009-06-27 natepakAdded a default factory to the world
2009-06-27 natepakAdded a meter bar to the graphics 3d interface. Added...
2009-06-27 asadatimplemented methods to get laser/ranger/fiducial data
2009-06-27 asadatadded some methods to get the child interfaces of a...
2009-06-27 asadatadded some functionality to simIface for getting interf...
2009-06-26 natepakAdded questionMark texture
2009-06-26 natepakAdded more functionality to the graphics3d interface
2009-06-26 natepakAdded textures
2009-06-25 natepakFixed a path problem with OGRE_RESOURCE_PATH. Added...
2009-06-25 natepakMoved the GraphicsIfaceHandler update to the mainloop
2009-06-25 natepakAdded fixes for model name scoping
2009-06-25 thjcFixes in preparation for a deb package:
2009-06-24 rtvreverted to 3-part URI scheme. added some identificatio...
2009-06-24 hsujohnhsudo not set retro on Model::Load, this is done via callback.
2009-06-23 robotosmoved epuck controller to the model file, epuck camera...
2009-06-22 robotosmoved controllers to models
2009-06-22 robotosCheck for ogre equal or major than 1.6.1 as suggested...
2009-06-22 natepakAdded model namespace to gazebo iface names
2009-06-21 robotoslaserFiducialID and laserRetro properties for models...
2009-06-20 robotossupport for player commands for simulator
2009-06-20 robotosthe state of the simulator can be retrieved
2009-06-19 asadatmethods of websim is added to web gazebo.
2009-06-19 robotosdisallow trimesh and cameras on non rendering engine...
2009-06-18 robotosavoid rendering of rays if headless
2009-06-18 robotosCheck objects on exit code paths. Move check for exista...
2009-06-18 robotosbbVisuals calls should all be checked.