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2012-07-20 mathieuiUpdate jquery & jquery-ui to the latest stable versions
2012-07-20 mathieuiRemove the possiblity of changing the theme for the...
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2012-07-12 mathieuiRevert to the default for compression (compress if...
2012-07-12 mathieuiRemove duplicate template code
2012-07-12 mathieuiAdd django-compressor to limit the numer of js/css...
2012-07-12 mathieuiRemove dajax, dajaxice, and feedparser from the sources
2012-07-09 mathieuiMove the documentation to a separate folder and add...
2012-07-09 mathieuiRemove mixed-french messages from the admin commands
2012-07-09 mathieuiUpdate the defaults to work with django 1.4
2012-07-09 mathieuiMake the stored json human-readable
2011-08-07 Damien RoualenChange for the weather gadget with api in xml and the... 1
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