last changeSun, 5 Feb 2012 18:04:51 +0000 (19:04 +0100)
2012-02-05 KurichanAdding Python wrapping of Linux framebuffer master
2012-01-01 KurichanUsing pkg-config in waf script
2011-03-14 alainttyfix: oups i've break "finally back to original vt"
2011-03-14 alainttyrefactoring: for a candy code :)
2011-03-13 alainttyuse /dev/tty0 as default tty (-t option is no more...
2011-03-08 alainttyquery a terminal if not specified (omit "-c" option)
2011-03-06 alainttyAllow terminal switching
2011-03-06 alainttyadd -p cli-option to specify a page to reach at statup
2011-03-04 alainttyreverse J/K keys to fit vim usage
2011-02-26 alainttyadd a waf script to build the program
2011-02-02 DedeFixing API change with poppler version 0.12.4
2011-02-02 DedeUsing poppler-clib instead of poppler-glib in main
2011-02-02 DedeC wrapping of libpoppler without using glib
2011-02-02 DedeFixing status bar blinking
2011-02-02 DedeSmall Cairo improvements
2011-02-02 DedeAdding status bar and help panel
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