2010-10-08 DeqingChanged property of panel_window to POPUP master
2010-07-12 Raymond LiuMinor fix in fvkbd-gtk.desktop.in
2010-03-09 Raymond LiuBump to 0.2.2 0.2.2
2010-03-02 Raymond LiuAdd Polish letters to default layout
2010-02-21 Raymond LiuUpdate russian yawert layout
2010-02-21 Raymond Liuupdate zhuyin hsu layout
2010-02-21 Raymond LiuAdd config for sup label on key
2010-02-20 Raymond LiuDo not set dock wm hint by default
2010-02-20 Raymond Liubump to 0.2.1
2010-02-11 Raymond LiuAdd Russian's phonetic YaWert keyboard layout
2010-02-11 Raymond LiuAdd sample keyboard layout for chewing with HSU layout
2010-02-10 Raymond LiuAdd sample keyboard layout for korean
2010-02-10 Raymond LiuAdd sample layout for Japanese
2010-02-10 Raymond LiuAdd config macro to turn on/off debug with timer
2010-01-14 Raymond Liuremove priv font desc info in key ui
2010-01-14 Raymond Liutmp check in for font descs
2010-01-14 Raymond Liumove gtk related qdata from unit level to ui level
2010-01-14 Raymond LiuFree xml doc in memory ASAP.
2010-01-14 Raymond LiuSome code clean up
2010-01-14 Raymond LiuRedesign the framework for better UI and non-UI staff...
2010-01-14 Raymond LiuWork around a wm bug in x86_64 which lead to fvkbd...
2009-12-09 Raymond LiuSupport background image for panel and key
2009-12-07 Raymond LiuBump to 0.2.0
2009-12-07 Raymond LiuUpdate layout template file
2009-12-07 Raymond Liucode clean up
2009-12-07 Raymond LiuFix yet another memory leak issue
2009-12-07 Raymond LiuReimplement scale mechanism
2009-12-07 Raymond LiuUse qdata feature to set global key bitmap in panel...
2009-12-07 Raymond LiuAdd get/set qdata feature to base unit
2009-12-07 Raymond LiuAdding support to use bitmap as shape mask
2009-12-07 Raymond LiuSupport shape switch in key ui file
2009-12-07 Raymond LiuParse layout file for key shape
2009-12-07 Raymond LiuSome modification on timer debug code
2009-12-02 Raymond LiuAdd timer debug codes
2009-12-02 Raymond Liuupdate .gitignore
2009-12-01 Raymond LiuFix app/gtk/Makefile.am
2009-11-27 Raymond LiuSupport desktop file translation
2009-11-27 Raymond LiuChange gettext related script
2009-11-27 Raymond LiuBump to 0.1.8
2009-11-26 Raymond LiuFix a memory leak issue for panel bg
2009-11-26 Raymond LiuMinor fix on key press/release callback
2009-11-24 Raymond LiuUpdate layout file
2009-11-24 Raymond LiuEnhance the pop window
2009-11-24 Raymond LiuAllow the pop up window been disabled for specific key
2009-11-23 Raymond LiuUpdate layout template
2009-11-23 Raymond LiuFix some widget unref issues
2009-11-23 Raymond LiuMinor update on default layout
2009-11-23 Raymond LiuEnable setting font info on key action level
2009-11-23 Raymond LiuMove font info into base unit
2009-11-23 Raymond LiuUpdate layout font size according to latest design
2009-11-23 Raymond LiuMinor fix on layout files
2009-11-20 Raymond LiuFix some memory leak bugs
2009-11-20 Raymond LiuUpdate default layout file
2009-11-17 Raymond LiuSupport showing another image upon key press down
2009-11-17 Raymond Liuscale image upon key resize
2009-11-17 Raymond LiuFix data/images/Makefile.am for a missing file
2009-11-17 Raymond LiuFine tune pop window
2009-11-17 Raymond Liuput pop win related codes into seperator files
2009-11-17 Raymond Liureimplement key ui with own written gtk_vkb_button...
2009-11-16 Raymond LiuUpdate default layout to the latest UX design
2009-11-09 Raymond Liubump to 0.1.7
2009-11-06 Raymond LiuRemove gtk frame from panel window construction process
2009-11-06 Raymond LiuAdd examples dir for collectng example layout files
2009-11-05 Raymond LiuAdd another layout sample for showing use multiple...
2009-10-29 Raymond LiuTemply remove menu func from keyboard-s layout MOBLIN-2-1
2009-10-28 Raymond LiuUsing libunique to check for singleton instance
2009-10-28 Raymond LiuUpdate desktop file and icon
2009-10-26 Raymond LiuAdd background image support to panel
2009-10-23 Raymond Liufix xml file
2009-10-22 Raymond LiuUpdate DTD template for keyboard xml files
2009-10-22 Raymond LiuUpdate sample keyboard xml file
2009-10-22 Raymond LiuAdd .gitignore file
2009-10-22 Raymond LiuUpdate default keyboard layout
2009-10-21 Raymond LiuRedesign parsing error report mechanism
2009-10-21 Raymond Liubump to 0.1.4
2009-10-21 Raymond LiuUpdate image files
2009-10-20 Raymond Liuremove pot file from git
2009-10-20 Raymond LiuTake care of the screen setting for font display
2009-10-19 Vincent Huangadd try/except block to py scripts
2009-10-12 Raymond LiuAdd script to toggle im
2009-10-12 Raymond Liuminor modify on default layout file
2009-10-12 Vincent HuangAdd I18n framework
2009-10-12 Raymond LiuAdd dock property for default keyboard layout
2009-10-10 Raymond Liuremove unused items in menu
2009-10-10 Raymond LiuAdd basic support for image button
2009-10-10 Raymond LiuAdd script for disable scim
2009-09-17 Raymond Liuupdate version to 0.1.1
2009-09-17 Raymond Liumodify default keyboard layout for disable im script
2009-09-17 Raymond LiuAdd script support to key
2009-09-17 Raymond LiuSet window property to dock for standalone VKB to...
2009-09-16 Raymond LiuSet geometry hint for standalone VKB window
2009-09-16 Raymond LiuTune panel window UI
2009-09-15 Raymond LiuSet font and color info for default keyboard layout
2009-09-15 Raymond LiuOnly show one optional character on key button UI
2009-09-15 Raymond LiuFix to show sym key's pop window correctly
2009-09-15 Raymond LiuSet pop up window item size correctly
2009-09-15 Raymond LiuChange setting menu item's name
2009-09-15 Raymond LiuFix on script key's display
2009-09-15 Raymond LiuMinor change on layout file
2009-09-14 Raymond LiuAdd layout file