Add config for sup label on key
[fvkbd:fvkbd.git] / ui / gtk / fvkbd-key-ui-gtk.c
2010-02-21 Raymond LiuAdd config for sup label on key
2010-01-14 Raymond Liuremove priv font desc info in key ui
2010-01-14 Raymond Liutmp check in for font descs
2010-01-14 Raymond Liumove gtk related qdata from unit level to ui level
2010-01-14 Raymond LiuRedesign the framework for better UI and non-UI staff...
2009-12-09 Raymond LiuSupport background image for panel and key
2009-12-07 Raymond Liucode clean up
2009-12-07 Raymond LiuReimplement scale mechanism
2009-12-07 Raymond LiuUse qdata feature to set global key bitmap in panel...
2009-12-07 Raymond LiuAdding support to use bitmap as shape mask
2009-12-07 Raymond LiuSupport shape switch in key ui file
2009-11-26 Raymond LiuMinor fix on key press/release callback
2009-11-24 Raymond LiuEnhance the pop window
2009-11-24 Raymond LiuAllow the pop up window been disabled for specific key
2009-11-23 Raymond LiuFix some widget unref issues
2009-11-23 Raymond LiuEnable setting font info on key action level
2009-11-23 Raymond LiuMove font info into base unit
2009-11-17 Raymond LiuSupport showing another image upon key press down
2009-11-17 Raymond Liuscale image upon key resize
2009-11-17 Raymond LiuFine tune pop window
2009-11-17 Raymond Liuput pop win related codes into seperator files
2009-11-17 Raymond Liureimplement key ui with own written gtk_vkb_button...
2009-10-20 Raymond LiuTake care of the screen setting for font display
2009-10-10 Raymond LiuAdd basic support for image button
2009-09-17 Raymond LiuAdd script support to key
2009-09-15 Raymond LiuOnly show one optional character on key button UI
2009-09-15 Raymond LiuFix to show sym key's pop window correctly
2009-09-15 Raymond LiuSet pop up window item size correctly
2009-09-15 Raymond LiuFix on script key's display
2009-09-14 Raymond LiuSetup pop up window direction and position
2009-09-08 Raymond LiuSettle pop up window at the key's position
2009-09-04 Raymond Liuminor change on key, pop window size and color setting
2009-09-04 Raymond LiuSet color for pop window
2009-09-04 Raymond LiuAdd color parse function to parse color from xml files
2009-09-02 zbtEnable the feature to support resize of the keyboard
2009-09-01 zbtMake the font of pop out window configurable
2009-08-29 Raymond LiuClean up code and do some minor fixing
2009-08-29 zbtMake font configurable in XML
2009-08-28 Raymond LiuSet lock mode color
2009-08-28 Raymond LiuFix the bug that mode key do not update correctly
2009-08-28 Raymond LiuChange the set mode behavior
2009-08-26 Raymond Liusupport optional character to be displayed on key
2009-08-20 Raymond LiuSet font info for key
2009-08-20 Raymond LiuSet color for keyboard and key
2009-08-19 Raymond LiuAdd code for distinguish between one time mode change...
2009-07-21 Raymond LiuAdd one time mode switch and lock mode switch feature
2009-07-20 Raymond LiuChange pop up window behavior for key
2009-07-10 Raymond Liumove gtk ui code into ui/gtk