2009-07-13 Raymond LiuIn configure.ac, detect whether to build GTK UI or not
2009-07-10 Raymond Liumove gtk ui code into ui/gtk
2009-07-10 Raymond Liuremove unit's general function's dependency from ui...
2009-07-09 Raymond Liuimplement basic dock feature for panel and some fix...
2009-07-09 Raymond LiuAdd resize capbility for panel
2009-07-07 Raymond LiuRename keyboard-parser.c/h to layout-utility.c/h
2009-07-07 Raymond LiuAdd change layout features
2009-07-03 Raymond LiuAdd cmd menu for keyboard
2009-07-03 Raymond LiuAdd quit function for key
2009-07-03 Raymond LiuAdd finalize related functions
2009-06-29 Raymond Liumove the candidate window to the right position before...
2009-06-29 Raymond LiuAdd drag and move capability to panel when it is not...
2009-06-29 Raymond LiuAdd long press feature to key
2009-06-25 Raymond LiuEnhance key func to support XKeySym
2009-06-25 Raymond LiuSending whole utf8 string instead of just first character
2009-06-24 Raymond LiuAdd mode change related functions
2009-06-23 Raymond LiuFix desktop.in and do some code clean
2009-06-23 Raymond LiuAdd code for key press using libfakekey
2009-06-11 Raymond LiuAdd some parse codes for key action
2009-06-11 Raymond LiuAdd key disp related code to key and panel unit
2009-06-10 Raymond LiuAdd more xml parse codes for key unit
2009-06-10 Raymond LiuAdd initial UI code related to key unit
2009-06-09 Raymond LiuAdd more UI code for keyboard and panel unit
2009-06-08 Raymond LiuAdd initial UI code for keyboard unit
2009-06-08 Raymond LiuImplement more parse function for panel and key unit
2009-06-03 Raymond LiuAdd initial code for key unit
2009-06-03 Raymond LiuAdd initial xml parse code for panel
2009-06-02 Raymond LiuAdd initial code for fvkbd panel unit
2009-06-02 Raymond LiuAdd type information set/get functions in fvkbd base...
2009-06-02 Raymond LiuAdd code for parsing keyboard's mode element
2009-06-01 Raymond LiuAdd initial code for fvkbd-keyboard
2009-05-31 Raymond LiuAdd cleanup function for parser
2009-05-31 Raymond Liuadd initial parser framework
2009-05-21 Raymond LiuRemove i18n staff for now
2009-05-21 Raymond LiuAdd get_layout_file and Debug functions
2009-05-20 Raymond LiuCreate initial git repos for fvkbd