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last changeThu, 18 Oct 2012 14:44:23 +0000 (10:44 -0400)
2012-10-18 Andrew Engelbrechtcheck for sane field numbers. master
2012-10-18 Andrew Engelbrechtclarified that first field is field number 0
2012-10-18 Andrew EngelbrechtSpecifying the license - Apache 2.0
2012-10-05 Andrew EngelbrechtLet's call this program fuzzyfields.
2012-10-05 Andrew Engelbrechtpluarlized text references to 'target' and 'query'
2012-10-05 Andrew Engelbrechtadded a README file
2012-10-05 Andrew Engelbrechtprint first field even if searching field is blank
2012-10-02 Andrew Engelbrechtallow specification of field numbers to match
2012-09-30 Andrew Engelbrechtfixed bugs when chosen fields aren't the first
2012-09-29 Andrew Engelbrechtabstract away some string manipulation
2012-09-29 Andrew Engelbrechtadded clarifying comments
2012-09-29 Andrew Engelbrechtallow specification of search field
2012-09-28 Andrew Engelbrechtgeneralized the printing of matches.
2012-09-28 Andrew Engelbrechtadded function comment
2012-09-19 Andrew Engelbrechtfixed nth match cost algorithm
2012-09-19 Andrew Engelbrechtimproved some variable names
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