2011-06-22 Gonéri Le Bouder1.1.1 release 1.1.1
2011-06-22 Gonéri Le Bouderimprove the description
2011-06-22 Gonéri Le Bouderadd a note about vCenter
2011-06-22 Gonéri Le Bouderimprovement to be able to embed the tool
2011-06-22 Gonéri Le Bouderadd t/app.t
2011-06-14 Gonéri Le Bouderrefresh the Changes file 1.1.0
2011-06-14 Gonéri Le Bouderadd --tag parameter
2011-06-08 Gonéri Le BouderPOD: add a comment regarding security
2011-06-07 Gonéri Le Bouderprint a debug message if ESX is off server side
2011-06-07 Gonéri Le Bouderavoid warning if ESX fails to return VM list
2011-06-07 Gonéri Le Bouderturns off debug mode: do not store the .soap files
2011-04-28 Gonéri Le Bouderuse long parameter name instead of just a letter
2011-04-27 Gonéri Le Boudersend the inventories to the server
2011-04-27 Gonéri Le Bouderadd some error messages
2011-04-27 Gonéri Le Bouderdon't set path and vardir key for Inventory object
2011-04-27 Gonéri Le Bouderonly use user/password/host
2011-04-27 Gonéri Le Bouderclean up
2011-04-27 Gonéri Le Bouderremove the jobnum var
2011-04-27 Gonéri Le Boudermove uuid in the job
2011-04-27 Gonéri Le Bouderuse $job->{jobnum}
2011-04-27 Gonéri Le Bouderreturns unless $uuid is set
2011-04-27 Gonéri Le Bouderadd the deviceid to getJobs call
2011-04-27 Gonéri Le Bouderstronger code
2011-04-27 Gonéri Le Bouderrefresh the Changes
2011-04-27 Gonéri Le Bouderuse the Agent version
2011-04-27 Gonéri Le Boudertry to get the faultstring sent my the server
2011-04-20 Gonéri Le Boudercommand line: catch connection error
2011-04-15 Gonéri Le Bouderadd REST interface support for agent integration
2011-04-13 Gonéri Le Bouderfix the script name in the POD documentation
2011-04-13 Gonéri Le BouderError when I try to inventory a esx server in maintenan...
2011-04-01 Gonéri Le Bouderadd a not about GLPI 0.80 and the VM
2011-03-30 Gonéri Le Bouder1.0.1 release 1.0.1
2011-03-30 Gonéri Le Bouderadd a copyright notice
2011-03-30 Gonéri Le Bouderadd LICENSE file
2011-03-25 Gonéri Le Bouderdo not ignore the .soap file 1.0.0
2011-03-25 Gonéri Le Bouderinitial release 1.0.0
2011-03-25 Gonéri Le Bouderadd the Changes file
2011-03-25 Gonéri Le Bouderdrop the copyright from the AUTHOR file
2011-03-25 Gonéri Le Boudercode clean up
2011-03-25 Gonéri Le Bouderupdate the dependency table
2011-03-25 Gonéri Le BouderAD auth doesn't work
2011-03-25 Gonéri Le Bouderclean up
2011-03-25 Gonéri Le Bouderuse HTTPS only
2011-03-25 Gonéri Le Bouderimport the AUTHOR file
2011-03-25 Gonéri Le Bouderadjustment for the test-suite
2011-03-25 Gonéri Le Bouderimport the ServiceInstace file
2011-03-25 Gonéri Le Boudercreate a POD doc
2011-03-25 Gonéri Le Bouderbetter error handling if network is down
2011-03-24 Gonéri Le Boudercode clean up
2011-03-24 Gonéri Le BoudervCenter support for remote connection too
2011-03-24 Gonéri Le BouderPCIID: fix another case, if the product Id is to short
2011-03-24 Gonéri Le Bouderfix the PCIID if the manufactur num is < 3 char
2011-03-24 Gonéri Le Boudercode clean up
2011-03-24 Gonéri Le Bouderadd a hack to preserve annotation / comment formating
2011-03-24 Gonéri Le Bouderavoid a warning about redef var
2011-03-24 Gonéri Le Bouderfix the pciid workaround (again)
2011-03-24 Gonéri Le Bouderadd vCenter support
2011-03-23 Gonéri Le Bouderadjust the test-suite
2011-03-23 Gonéri Le Boudersupport ESX 3.5 way to return VM list
2011-03-23 Gonéri Le Bouderprint the error message from HTTP::Message
2011-03-23 Gonéri Le Bouderbetter message if the status is unknown
2011-03-23 Gonéri Le Bouderdrop a debug Dumper() output
2011-03-22 Gonéri Le Bouderfix addVideo call
2011-03-22 Gonéri Le Bouderbetter robustness
2011-03-22 Gonéri Le BoudergetArray() returns an empty array if needed
2011-03-22 Gonéri Le Bouderno '0:0' in PCISUBSYSTEMID, use '' (empty) instead
2011-03-22 Gonéri Le Bouderfix the cpu core/thread computation
2011-03-22 Gonéri Le Bouderadd a new() method for the command line tool
2011-03-22 Gonéri Le Bouderfix the parameters
2011-03-22 Gonéri Le Bouderuse more eval {} to avoid breakage on undef var
2011-03-17 Gonéri Le Bouderretrieve parameters from the server
2011-03-17 Gonéri Le Bouderdon't use Getopt::Long
2011-03-09 Gonéri Le Bouderdeals correctly with broken PCIID
2011-03-09 Gonéri Le Bouderfix the PCIID clean up
2011-03-08 Gonéri Le Boudersyntax
2011-03-08 Gonéri Le Bouderuse an eval {} to avoid 'Not a HASH reference' error
2011-03-08 Gonéri Le Bouderensure var a defined
2011-02-23 Gonéri Le Bouderrefresh the .gitignore
2011-02-23 Gonéri Le Bouderfix the test-suite now the VM are all detected
2011-02-23 Gonéri Le Bouderuseless for the moment
2011-02-22 Gonéri Le Bouderset the 'off' status to VM
2011-02-22 Gonéri Le Bouderfix the number of test
2011-02-22 Gonéri Le Bouderdo not mutilate the returned structure
2011-02-22 Gonéri Le Bouderimport new resources for the test-suite
2011-02-22 Gonéri Le Bouderadd VIRTUALMACHINES/MAC
2011-02-22 Gonéri Le Bouderset the VM
2011-02-22 Gonéri Le Bouderimport the file
2011-02-22 Gonéri Le Bouderadd getVirtualMachines
2011-02-22 Gonéri Le Bouderremove some debug print
2011-02-22 Gonéri Le Bouderimport the resources
2011-02-22 Gonéri Le Bouderignore the script I use to launch the tool
2011-02-22 Gonéri Le Bouderimport of the test-suite
2011-02-22 Gonéri Le Bouderadd FusionInventory::VMware::SOAP::Host
2011-02-18 Gonéri Le Bouderset the required test_requires
2011-02-18 Gonéri Le Bouderadd the MANIFEST.SKIP
2011-02-18 Gonéri Le Bouderclean up
2011-02-18 Gonéri Le Bouderimport SOAP ouput for the test-suite
2011-02-18 Gonéri Le Bouderdump ESX output in the current directory
2011-02-16 Gonéri Le Bouderbetter example
2011-02-16 Gonéri Le Boudermore realistic example