2013-01-08 Gonéri Le Bouderprepare 2.2.1 release master 2.2.1
2013-01-08 Gonéri Le Bouderconvert Changes to markdown
2013-01-08 Gonéri Le Bouderdeviceid is in $inventory object
2013-01-08 Gonéri Le BouderRevert "deviceid is stored in the task"
2013-01-08 Gonéri Le Bouderstore the fake deviceid in the inventory
2012-11-16 Gonéri Le BouderESX serial number are not collected
2012-09-26 Gonéri Le BouderMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://forge.fusioninventor...
2012-09-26 Gonéri Le Bouderrefresh the README
2012-09-20 Guillaume Rousseuse plain hash parameters interface
2012-09-20 Guillaume Rousseuse plain english name for magic variables
2012-09-20 Guillaume Roussecosmetics
2012-09-20 Guillaume Roussedeviceid is stored in the task
2012-09-20 Guillaume Roussedon't compute deviceid twice
2012-09-18 Guillaume Roussedon't install packlist files
2012-09-11 Gonéri Le Boudertested on ESXi 5
2012-09-05 Gonéri Le Bouderensure changelog date format is RFC822
2012-08-17 Gonéri Le Bouderadd --version parameter 2.2.0
2012-08-17 Gonéri Le Bouderavoid a warning if var is undef
2012-08-17 Gonéri Le Bouderincrease --help verbosity
2012-08-17 Gonéri Le Bouderfix t/apps.t
2012-08-17 Gonéri Le Bouderprepare 2.2.0 release
2012-08-17 Gonéri Le Bouderadd 2 missing dependencies
2012-07-30 Gonéri Le BouderMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2012-07-30 Gonéri Le Bouderdon't inventory Template machine
2012-07-20 Gonéri Le Bouderreturn 1 if it's not possible to write final file
2012-05-29 Gonéri Le Bouderimprove a bit the STDOUT debug message
2012-05-29 Gonéri Le Boudersupport “suspended” VM status as “paused”
2012-04-16 Guillaume Roussechange lib directory at install time
2012-04-16 Guillaume Rousseadd local lib directory
2012-04-10 Guillaume RousseMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2012-04-10 Guillaume Roussedrop authors, copyright and license section
2012-04-10 Guillaume Roussedrop formmating
2012-04-10 Guillaume Roussemore compact usage output
2012-04-10 Guillaume Rousse--help support
2012-04-10 Guillaume Roussecall usage if incorrect option is given
2012-04-10 Guillaume Rousserename options variable, for consistency
2012-04-10 Guillaume Rousseuse Pod::Usage
2012-04-10 Guillaume Roussecosmetics
2012-04-09 Gonéri Le Bouderprepare the 2.1.0 release 2.1.0
2012-04-09 Gonéri Le Bouderfix the DISKSIZE
2012-04-04 Gonéri Le Bouderuse $identifierValue
2012-04-03 Gonéri Le Boudercheck systemInfo/otherIdentifyingInfo is an href
2012-03-15 Guillaume RousseMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2012-03-15 Guillaume Roussefix spelling issues
2012-03-15 Guillaume Roussevarious small syntax harmonisation
2012-03-15 Guillaume Rousseinitial import
2012-03-15 Guillaume Roussedrop unused variables
2012-03-15 Guillaume Roussefix Gonéri's name
2012-03-15 Gonéri Le Bouderfix: $VERSION redefined
2012-03-13 Guillaume RousseMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2012-03-13 Guillaume Rousseinclude authors directly in README file
2012-03-11 Gonéri Le BouderMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2012-03-06 Guillaume Rousseharmonize README file
2012-03-06 Guillaume Roussefix script installation prefix
2012-03-06 Guillaume Rousserename to AUTHORS for consistency
2012-02-06 Gonéri Le Bouderfix: $VERSION redefined
2012-02-02 Gonéri Le BouderMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
2012-02-02 Gonéri Le Bouderadd the path to Agent lib during perl exec
2012-02-02 Gonéri Le Bouderfix: storage disk size
2012-02-02 Gonéri Le Bouderbump the copyright year
2012-01-20 Guillaume Roussemake failure to check agent setup non-fatal, as other...
2012-01-16 Guillaume Rousseuse explicit iterator and intermediate variables
2012-01-16 Guillaume Roussecleanup
2012-01-16 Guillaume Rousserename _getArray to _asArray, to avoid confusion with...
2012-01-16 Guillaume Roussesimplification
2012-01-16 Guillaume Rousserename resource file to match action name
2012-01-16 Guillaume Rousseadd Test::MockObject and Test::MockModule test dependencies
2012-01-16 Guillaume Rousseuse Test::MockObject to mock user agent
2012-01-16 Guillaume Roussedrop test-specific code
2012-01-14 Guillaume Rousseuse direct OO syntax
2012-01-14 Guillaume Rousseuseless initialisation
2012-01-14 Guillaume Rousseuse explicit iterator
2012-01-14 Guillaume Roussestill no use for eval here
2012-01-14 Guillaume Roussereturns list, not array ref, for all getFoos methods
2012-01-14 Guillaume Roussebetter variable names
2012-01-14 Guillaume Roussestill no use for eval here
2012-01-14 Guillaume Rousseuse pertinent intermediate variables only
2012-01-14 Guillaume Rousseuse named parameter interface
2012-01-14 Guillaume Rousseuse pertinent intermediate variables only
2012-01-14 Guillaume Rousseno need to use eval here, we don't fear undefined pointers
2012-01-14 Guillaume Rousseuse cuddled else
2012-01-14 Guillaume Roussereturns a list directly
2012-01-14 Guillaume Roussecosmetics
2012-01-14 Guillaume Rousseturn into private function
2012-01-14 Guillaume Rousseinspect methods call value, not object internals
2012-01-14 Guillaume Rousseoops, use handle variable
2012-01-14 Guillaume Rousseuse plain english name for magic variables
2012-01-14 Guillaume Rousseuse cuddled else
2012-01-13 Guillaume Rousserewrite for consistency with others tests
2012-01-13 Guillaume Roussekeep dumper output for debug
2012-01-13 Guillaume Rousseuse warnings pragma, not -w arg
2012-01-13 Guillaume Rousseuse a plain hash parameters interface
2012-01-11 Gonéri Le Bouderreuse the Makefile.PL from netdiscovery
2012-01-11 Gonéri Le Bouderfirst 2.0 prelease (2.0.9901)
2012-01-10 Guillaume Rousseuse plain english name for magic variables
2012-01-10 Guillaume Rousseensure filename is created once
2012-01-10 Guillaume Rousseuse dedicated constant for user agent
2012-01-10 Guillaume Rousseuse three args open, with local handle
2012-01-10 Guillaume Rousseexplicit return
2012-01-10 Guillaume Roussealways bless into a specific class