last changeSun, 4 Aug 2013 19:10:23 +0000 (15:10 -0400)
2013-08-04 Jerome Carreterobuild: use proper chmod on install of wrapper master v0.2
2013-08-04 Jerome Carreterodist: gentoo: use waf eclass, update waf, use EAPI...
2013-08-04 Jerome Carreterobuild: use proper variables for appname and version
2013-08-04 Jerome Carreterominor style fixes
2013-08-04 Jerome Carreterobuild: better installation procedure, this should pleas...
2013-08-04 Jerome Carreterodocs: prettier docs
2011-09-12 Jerome CarreteroClean-up experimental mess from master branch v0.1
2011-09-10 Jerome CarreteroUpdate ebuilds, inherit was put too late experiment
2011-09-10 Jerome CarreteroDo not impose CFLAGS, let users choose them
2011-09-09 Jerome CarreteroFix file times using magic numbers... epoch is 1600...
2011-09-09 Jerome CarreteroFix file reads, currently files are wholly read upon...
2011-09-08 Jerome CarreteroPut the ebuild and wrapper in subdirs.
2011-09-08 Jerome CarreteroAdd ebuild and wrapper
2011-09-08 Jerome CarreteroAdvertise supported archive formats
2011-09-08 Jerome CarreteroClear usage instructions.
2011-09-08 Jerome CarreteroAfter some experiments the build script was not very...
4 years ago v0.2 A little cleaner...
6 years ago v0.1
4 years ago master
6 years ago experiment