last changeSat, 23 Jul 2011 18:46:04 +0000 (21:46 +0300)
2011-07-23 Topi SantakiviReplace separate Rec&Play buttons with LoopButton master
2011-07-23 Topi SantakiviAdd a single LoopButton to handle loop recording&playback
2011-07-23 Topi SantakiviAdd a signal for started loop recording
2011-07-23 Topi SantakiviStart loop recording from note, compensate the end...
2011-07-20 Topi SantakiviAdd Rec&Play buttons to control looping
2011-07-20 Topi SantakiviAdd a reset option to Button
2011-07-20 Topi SantakiviNew feature: recording&playing a 16sec loop
2011-07-17 Topi SantakiviEnable MouseArea in Keyboard.qml to make playing work...
2011-07-16 Topi SantakiviClean the icon
2011-07-16 Topi SantakiviClean unneccessary files from the debian folder
2011-07-13 Topi SantakiviUpdate icons to Harmattan style
2011-07-13 Topi SantakiviRestructuring the project
2011-07-12 Topi SantakiviFix slide between keys multitouch
2011-06-24 Topi SantakiviUpdated bend to support multitouch
2011-06-24 Topi SantakiviAdjust volume level down so there won't be clipping
2011-06-24 Topi SantakiviDisable logs
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