2010-08-12 Xavier ClaessensMake new minor release
2010-08-12 Xavier ClaessensPrepare release 0.4
2010-08-12 Xavier ClaessensKill addressbook when installing the plugin extended-contacts-search-0.4
2010-08-12 Xavier ClaessensAdd an image and display name for the package
2010-08-04 Xavier ClaessensPrepare release 0.3 extended-contacts-search-0.3
2010-08-02 Xavier ClaessensMake the module resident
2010-08-02 Xavier ClaessensUpdate match code with latest from Empathy
2010-07-26 Xavier ClaessensAdd release tarball to gitignore
2010-07-26 Xavier ClaessensMake release 0.2 extended-contacts-search-0.2
2010-07-26 Xavier ClaessensAdd -dbg pkg in debian/control
2010-07-26 Xavier ClaessensRemove wrong debian/copyright, it is LGPLv2+
2010-07-26 Xavier ClaessensShow description of package when clicking the "Extended... extended-contacts-search-0.1
2010-07-22 Xavier ClaessensAlso search in IM and Email fields
2010-07-22 Xavier ClaessensFix matching of accentued letters
2010-07-21 Xavier ClaessensEcsWindow is a subclass of HildonStackableWindow
2010-07-21 Xavier ClaessensImplement contact matching algorithm based on EmpathyLi...
2010-07-20 Xavier ClaessensInitial commit