2010-06-01 Marco BarisioneDisable the live search bar
2010-06-01 Marco BarisioneDon't show the score in the UI if debugging is disabled
2010-06-01 Marco BarisioneDon't do expensive debugging operations if debugging...
2010-06-01 Marco BarisioneMake it possible to disable debug messages
2010-06-01 Marco BarisioneShow the contacts' details when long tapping on a row
2010-06-01 Marco BarisioneMake match_get_contacts() accept null contact pointers
2010-05-27 Marco BarisioneMake contact_pair_equal() look nicer
2010-05-26 Marco BarisioneUse a HildonNote instead of a HildonBanner when the...
2010-05-26 Marco BarisioneLoad the dups in an idle to avoid blocking the UI
2010-05-26 Marco BarisioneMake the plugin display the merger when the button...
2010-05-26 Marco BarisioneMake the merger window a hildon stackable window
2010-05-26 Marco BarisioneMove all the merging and UI code to a convenience library
2010-05-25 Marco BarisioneAdd the stub for an address book extension
2010-05-25 Marco BarisioneImprove the package description
2010-05-25 Marco BarisioneOps, it's contacts-merge*r* not contacts-merge
2010-05-21 Marco BarisioneCommit one contact at a time to avoid merge dialogs...
2010-05-21 Marco BarisioneUse a proper category for the debian packages
2010-05-21 Marco BarisioneDisable -Werror for package builds
2010-03-05 Marco BarisioneHandle error conditions better
2010-03-05 Marco BarisioneDrop the parenthesis around "No duplicate contacts...
2010-03-05 Marco BarisioneMove the logic to quit the application to main.c
2010-03-05 Marco BarisioneShow "(No duplicate contacts found)" if no matches...
2010-03-05 Marco BarisioneShow an explanation dialogs if there are matches
2010-03-05 Marco BarisioneShow a banner if the "Merge" button is pressed an no...
2010-03-05 Marco BarisioneDisplay the progress indicator while loading the matches
2010-03-05 Marco BarisioneMove the setup of the aggregator to MergerWindow
2010-03-04 Marco BarisioneMake sure the stuff we free in dispose is set to NULL
2010-03-04 Marco BarisioneMove stuff from finalize to dispose
2010-03-04 Marco BarisioneSet the title for the error details dialog
2010-03-04 Marco BarisioneShow again the summary dialog when the error dialog...
2010-03-04 Marco BarisioneKeep a pointer to the summary dialog in MergerWindowPrivate
2010-03-04 Marco BarisioneShow the list of unmerged contacts when "Error details...
2010-03-03 Xavier ClaessensAvoid casting from GdkRectangle to PangoRectangle
2010-03-03 Marco BarisioneShow a dialog when the merge is finished
2010-03-03 Marco BarisioneActually merge and commit the contacts
2010-03-01 Marco BarisionePrepare the list of contacts to merge from the pairs...
2010-03-01 Marco BarisionePass the contacts to merge to the merge function stub
2010-03-01 Marco BarisioneRemove an unused account manager
2010-03-01 Marco BarisioneFree the match list when disposing MergerWindow
2010-03-01 Marco BarisioneFix some warnings
2010-03-01 Marco BarisioneAdd some extra warnings
2010-03-01 Marco BarisioneUse the error-related CFLAGS
2010-03-01 Marco BarisioneSet the log domain
2010-03-01 Marco BarisioneAdd various configure flags
2010-03-01 Marco BarisioneUse MergerWindow to show the matches
2010-03-01 Marco BarisioneAdd MergerWindow
2010-03-01 Marco BarisioneAdd MatchCellRenderer
2010-03-01 Marco BarisioneMake Match and the Match list boxed types
2010-03-01 Marco BarisioneAdd get_avatar() to get a rounder and resized avatar...
2010-02-22 Marco BarisioneMake the functions to handle matches public
2010-02-22 Marco BarisioneConsider unparsed nicknames
2010-02-22 Marco BarisioneRefactor a bit inster_generic_name()
2010-02-22 Marco BarisioneGet rid of the code for partial names
2010-02-19 Marco BarisioneConsider middle names too
2010-02-19 Marco BarisioneThe ordering of the descriptions was random due to...
2010-02-19 Marco BarisioneDisable the use of partial names for now
2010-02-19 Marco BarisioneFix a wrong class name in a commnet
2010-02-19 Marco BarisioneRemove some unused arguments
2010-02-19 Marco BarisioneRename some arguments for clarity
2010-02-19 Marco BarisioneThe suggestion generation for partial IDs was done...
2010-02-19 Marco BarisioneMake the phone matching fuzzy
2010-02-19 Marco BarisioneAdd phone matching
2010-02-19 Marco BarisioneInclude in the description whether the match was partial
2010-02-19 Marco BarisioneIgnore case, accents and other marks when matching...
2010-02-18 Marco BarisioneAdd string_simplify() to strip accents
2010-02-18 Marco BarisioneConsider IM names for the suggestions generation
2010-02-18 Marco BarisionePass the list of IM fields to generate_merge_suggestions()
2010-02-18 Marco BarisioneParse the local part of IDs as names
2010-02-18 Marco BarisioneMatch the local part of IDs too
2010-02-18 Marco BarisioneOps, don't use as ID the field name, but the actual ID
2010-02-17 Marco BarisioneAdd a description of why the match happened
2010-02-17 Marco BarisioneFix a memleak
2010-02-17 Marco BarisionePass "-Wall foreign" to AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE
2010-02-17 Marco BarisioneAdd a bunch of missing statics
2010-02-17 Marco BarisioneDetect the matches
2010-02-17 Marco BarisioneAdd support for NICKNAME
2010-02-17 Marco BarisioneImprove the readability of debug messages
2010-02-17 Marco BarisioneDon't include the function name in the debug output
2010-02-17 Marco BarisioneDon't use g_vprintf() for debugging
2010-02-17 Marco BarisioneAdd some comments to split sections in the merger.c...
2010-02-17 Marco BarisioneStore the contacts' components that could lead to a...
2010-02-16 Marco BarisioneSplit debugging and merging stuff in separate files
2010-02-16 Marco BarisioneAdd a stub for detecting keys for duplicate detection
2010-02-16 Marco BarisioneInitial stubs