"Matches:" instead of "Match of:"
[fremantle-contacts:contacts-merger.git] / lib / merger.c
2010-06-03 Marco Barisione"Matches:" instead of "Match of:"
2010-06-03 Marco BarisioneFix a wrong strings ("nicknames" -> "nickname")
2010-06-02 Marco BarisioneWork around non re-entrant D-Bus callbacks
2010-06-01 Marco BarisioneDon't show the score in the UI if debugging is disabled
2010-06-01 Marco BarisioneDon't do expensive debugging operations if debugging...
2010-06-01 Marco BarisioneMake match_get_contacts() accept null contact pointers
2010-05-27 Marco BarisioneMake contact_pair_equal() look nicer
2010-05-26 Marco BarisioneMove all the merging and UI code to a convenience library