last changeFri, 6 Mar 2015 18:12:51 +0000 (18:12 +0000)
2015-03-06 Frediano ZiglioHandle locking on FILE streams even on Windows master
2015-03-06 Frediano ZiglioRemove atoll replacement
2015-03-04 Frediano ZiglioAdd missing file to cmake project files
2015-03-04 Frediano ZiglioDo not link against libgcc dynamically
2015-03-03 Frediano ZiglioAdd some comments to explain 2 tests
2015-03-03 Frediano ZiglioChange test to allow any character but also long varchar
2015-03-03 Frediano ZiglioMake checks works with either Sybase and FreeTDS.
2015-03-03 Ramiro MoralesHandle correctly size of VARCHAR SPs output params...
2015-03-03 Frediano ZiglioReuse tds_localtime_r for log.c
2015-03-03 Frediano ZiglioAdd test for BCP empty columns
2015-03-02 Craig A. BerryHandle empty char/varchar in bcp round trip.
2015-03-01 Frediano ZiglioRemove warning compiling src/odbc/sqlwchar.c
2015-02-28 Frediano ZiglioDo not use static buffers for odbc debugging
2015-02-28 Frediano ZiglioAdd option to configure to test wide functions in ODBC
2015-02-28 Frediano ZiglioDo not set tds_write_dump to 1 if log is not available
2015-02-28 Frediano ZiglioConstify a constant string
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