2010-01-04 Christoph MairAdd makefile
2010-01-04 Christoph MairFirst usable version of a userspace library to access...
2010-01-04 Christoph MairInitial attempt to access the device from userspace.
2010-01-04 Christoph MairMove files to create space for a userspace library.
2009-12-27 Christoph MairFix typo in comment.
2009-09-30 Christoph MairFix stupid temperature-bug.
2009-09-20 Christoph MairAdded oversampling setting to sysfs.
2009-09-20 Christoph MairFixed pressure measurement through guessing how to...
2009-09-20 Christoph MairUpdated internal routines. Now just cat to the sysfs...
2009-09-20 Christoph MairFixed pressure calculations. Still no meaningful values.
2009-09-20 Christoph MairAdded datasheet.
2009-09-19 Christoph MairAdded makefile.
2009-09-19 Christoph MairInitial import.