- Update to 0.4.0
[freebsd:freebsd-ports.git] / security /
2012-03-01 wen- Update to 0.4.0
2012-03-01 wen- Update to 2.1.8
2012-03-01 wxsUpdate to 1.8.4p2
2012-02-29 sunpoet- Update to 5.71
2012-02-28 creesDocument latest PostgreSQL vulnerabilities
2012-02-28 demonFix build with recent OpenSSL from ports.
2012-02-28 pgolluccidevel/apr hasn't existed in quite some time.
2012-02-28 eadler- Add information about make tidy checking now that...
2012-02-28 eadlerDocument recent flash vulns
2012-02-27 eadlerPacify 'make tidy' and use valid XML.
2012-02-27 matthew - Take maintainership
2012-02-27 flomake sure installation does not fail if for whatever...
2012-02-27 kwmAdd libxml2 vulnability.
2012-02-27 glarkin- Reassign to the heap
2012-02-27 swills- Update to 1.45
2012-02-27 jgh- Update to 201208 snapshot
2012-02-27 sumikawainstall rc.d scripts on FreeBSD 10.x and above
2012-02-27 wxsFixup python entry. No need to have python metaport...
2012-02-26 creesFix i386 packaging-- sha256c.so was named wrongly in...
2012-02-26 zi- Update to 2.04b
2012-02-26 mmReturn maintainership back to pool
2012-02-25 zi- Update to 1.8
2012-02-25 zi- Update to 4.52
2012-02-25 zi- Adopt port per maintainers request
2012-02-25 zi- Take maintainership per request of current maintainer
2012-02-24 csUpdate to 5.3b
2012-02-24 csobfsproxy is a tool that attempts to circumvent censors...
2012-02-24 culot- Update to 0.4.2
2012-02-24 sunpoet- Update to 1.43
2012-02-23 zi- Update to 1.2.1 [1]
2012-02-23 jadawin- Update to 1.56
2012-02-23 cyMisc fixes (not comprehensive) for freebsd8.
2012-02-22 aleReally install samples.
2012-02-22 aleUpdate to 1.5.0 release.
2012-02-22 ashish- Chase Emacs updates
2012-02-22 dinoex- tamper SHLIB_VERSION_NUMBER in opensslv.h
2012-02-21 jgh- Update to 0.7.1
2012-02-21 jadawin- Update to 1.55
2012-02-21 tota- Update to 0.9.1
2012-02-20 lxFix library arch mismatch on amd64, hopefully fix power...
2012-02-20 floupdate to 3.13.2
2012-02-20 wxsUpdate to 2.5
2012-02-20 eadlerMinor whitespace fixup
2012-02-20 kuriyamaThis is a set of various Samba VFS modules to scan...
2012-02-19 miwi- Update to 4.37
2012-02-19 reneInclude PORTREVISION in plib version number to fix...
2012-02-19 reneDocument a remote code execution via a buffer overflow...
2012-02-19 eadlerRemove quotes from BROKEN and IGNORE as they are not...
2012-02-19 rm- replace `YES' with `yes' in USE_PYTHON/USE_PYDISTUTIL...
2012-02-19 lxFix build on x86, show output from build
2012-02-18 pgjHsOpenSSL is an (incomplete) OpenSSL binding for Haskel...
2012-02-18 pgjA set of extra definitions, default values and helpers...
2012-02-18 pgjNative Haskell TLS and SSL protocol implementation...
2012-02-18 pgjCertificates and Key reader/writer. At the moment...
2012-02-18 pgjThis library implements the RSA encryption and signatur...
2012-02-18 pgjAn unrolled implementation of MD5 purely in Haskell.
2012-02-18 matthew Security update to
2012-02-17 jgh- document latest piwik security vulnerability
2012-02-17 flo- document recent mozilla vulnerabilities
2012-02-16 lxUpdate to 3.0.2 - minor bugfixes.
2012-02-16 creesUpdate to
2012-02-16 rm- add PACKETSTORM mirror
2012-02-15 reneDocument vulnerabilities in chromium < 17.0.963.56
2012-02-15 jghAdd new port (security/tsshbatch)
2012-02-15 glarkin- Added gpg run dependency
2012-02-15 glarkin- Updated the recent WebCalendar entry to match <=...
2012-02-15 glarkingpgr is a very light interface to the command-line...
2012-02-15 swills- Mark broken on 7.x. Builds fine, doesn't work, accord...
2012-02-15 scheidell- Fix missing \n in SIZE line for distinfo
2012-02-15 nobutakaUpdate to 4.1.
2012-02-15 sunpoet- Add official site to MASTER_SITES
2012-02-15 sunpoet- Add BUILD_DEPENDS
2012-02-15 eadlerThis vuln also affects pypy
2012-02-14 bfupdate to
2012-02-14 pgollucci- Bump PORTREVISION
2012-02-14 novelUpdate to 0.11.
2012-02-14 mmBump pcre library dependency due to 8.30 update
2012-02-14 rm- update to 7.2
2012-02-14 eadlertypo
2012-02-14 eadlerInform users of the DoS issue in the python SimpleXMLRP...
2012-02-13 eadlerAdd the recently assigned cve number
2012-02-13 pgj- Update to
2012-02-13 pgj- Update to 4.2.4
2012-02-13 jpaetzelUpdate to 1.0.4
2012-02-13 pgj- Connect all the previously added hs- ports to the...
2012-02-13 pgj- Please welcome GHC 7.0.4
2012-02-13 pgjSkein [1] is a family of fast secure cryptographic...
2012-02-13 pgjTo store passwords securely, they should be salted...
2012-02-13 pgjA platform independent method to obtain cryptographical...
2012-02-13 pgjA collection of crypto hashes, with a practical increme...
2012-02-13 pgjSymmetrical Block, Stream, and PubKey Ciphers.
2012-02-13 pgjGeneric cryptography public keys algorithm types.
2012-02-13 pgjA generic interface for cryptographic operations, platf...
2012-02-13 pgjSimple crypto pseudo-random-number-generator with reall...
2012-02-13 pgjAchieves security through AES-CTR encryption and Skein...
2012-02-12 pgollucci- Pregenerate pw_dict since cracklib stopped distributi...
2012-02-12 pgollucci- Patch the port to not remove /dev/null
2012-02-12 pav- Mark BROKEN immediately: this port deletes /dev/null...
2012-02-12 pgollucci- sync PORTREVISION to lang/php4+1 (master port)
2012-02-12 jgh- fix origin from previous commit