- Update to 1.05
[freebsd:freebsd-ports.git] / russian /
2012-02-16 ashish- Bump PORTREVISION to chase the update of multimedia...
2012-01-25 avillaThe KDE/FreeBSD team is pleased to announce KDE SC...
2012-01-16 bsamUpdate to version 4.4.20.
2012-01-06 sunpoet- Add wordpress 3.3.1 [1][2]
2011-12-28 ehauptEnd WWW CPAN URL with a "/"
2011-12-07 avl- Update to 0.6.0
2011-12-06 bsamUpdate to version 4.4.19.
2011-11-28 sunpoet- Pass maintainership to office@FreeBSD.org
2011-11-15 ohauer- remove ports
2011-11-14 ohauer- mark apache13 FORBIDDEN (CVE-2011-3368)
2011-11-14 dinoex- add FETCH_DEPENDS
2011-11-14 rakucoThe KDE on FreeBSD team is pleased to update the KDE4...
2011-11-02 dougbRemove ports@ ports that have been DEPRECATED for at...
2011-10-24 dougbThe vast majority of pkg-descr files had the following...
2011-10-24 dougbRemove more tags from pkg-descr files fo the form:
2011-10-24 stas- Return my ports back to the pool. I was unable to...
2011-10-17 avillaThe KDE/FreeBSD team is pleased to announce KDE Softwar...
2011-10-10 sunpoet- Update to 20111003
2011-10-04 novelUn-break by fix fetching.
2011-10-03 bsamUpdate to version 4.4.18.
2011-09-23 amdmi3- Add LDFLAGS to CONFIGURE_ENV and MAKE_ENV (as it...
2011-09-07 pgollucci- Set EXPIRATION_DATE to an actual date (9.0 is behind...
2011-09-06 bsam. update to version 4.4.17;
2011-08-30 acheRemove myself from MAINTAINER
2011-08-27 ohauer- set EXPIRATION_DATE to "one week after FreeBSD 9...
2011-08-20 skvUpdate to latest 20110808 translation.
2011-08-17 sunpoet- Set DIST_SUBDIR: move dist files to DISTDIR/mythes
2011-08-17 sunpoet- Set DIST_SUBDIR: move dist files to DISTDIR/hyphen
2011-08-17 sunpoet- Set DIST_SUBDIR: move dist files to DISTDIR/hunspell
2011-08-17 sunpoet- Change MASTER_SITES to my LOCAL to avoid implicit...
2011-08-13 sunpoet- Set WRKSRC
2011-08-12 sunpoet- Unify COMMENT and pkg-descr
2011-08-07 sunpoet- Update to 20110801
2011-08-02 ehauptRemove WWW entries from unmaintained ports that return...
2011-08-01 baptBye bye abandonwares (part 5)
2011-07-29 sunpoet- Move language prefix to PKGNAMEPREFIX
2011-07-25 sunpoet- Fix typo
2011-07-22 baptPass matainership to the new office team
2011-07-21 baptAdd some locales thesaurus
2011-07-21 baptAdd Russian hyphenation rules
2011-07-20 jlaffayeUpdate to 5.12
2011-07-20 baptAdd russian dictionnaries for hunspell
2011-07-18 ohauer- create missing (empty) directory (bugzilla) so checks...
2011-07-07 makcReset maintainership de jure. In fact KDE 3 has not...
2011-07-07 makcUpdate KDE Software Compilation ports to 4.6.5
2011-07-04 bsamUpdate to version 4.4.16.
2011-07-03 ohauer - remove MD5
2011-06-28 sunpoet- Add p5-Lingua-DetectCyrillic 0.02
2011-06-23 pgollucci- Cannoicalize the WWW: [again],
2011-06-17 baptLast bunch of deprecation: no more public distfiles...
2011-06-17 baptMark broken some ports with unfetchable distfiles
2011-06-16 jlaffayeUpdate www/MT, japanese/MT, french/MT, german/MT and...
2011-06-14 avillaThe FreeBSD KDE Team is pleased to announce KDE SC...
2011-06-08 skvSet LATEST_LINK.
2011-06-07 skv- Copy devel/bugzilla to devel/bugzilla3; russian/bugzi...
2011-06-05 repo-copyRepo copy files
2011-06-02 bsamUpdate to version 4.4.15.
2011-05-16 makcUpdate KDE Software Compilation ports to 4.6.3
2011-05-04 tota- Set CONFLICTS with unzip-iconv upcoming as a new...
2011-05-02 makcBump PORTREVISION after open-mofit update
2011-04-13 avilla- Update KOffice to 2.3.3.
2011-04-09 makcClean up in preparation for open-motif update (ports...
2011-04-07 avillaThe FreeBSD KDE Team is pleased to announce April updat...
2011-04-03 bsamUpdate to version 4.4.13.
2011-03-30 baptI forgot the fix on WRKSRC. Now should be clean
2011-03-30 bapt- change the package name to avoid redundancy
2011-03-30 baptRename russian/ircd-hybrid-ru to russian/ircd-hybrid...
2011-03-30 repo-copyRepo copy files
2011-03-27 baptbranch ircd-hybrid-ru to russian category
2011-03-27 bapt- update to 7.2.4
2011-03-26 repo-copyRepo copy files
2011-03-25 avilla- Update Russian translations for KOffice.
2011-03-25 avillaThe FreeBSD KDE Team is pleased to announce KDE SC...
2011-03-18 miwi- Get Rid MD5 support
2011-02-07 bsamUpdate to version 4.4.12.
2011-01-24 linimonNO_CDROM and NO_PACKAGE are redundant when RESTRICTED...
2011-01-15 makcUpdate MASTER_SITES
2011-01-15 makcUpdate MASTER_SITES
2011-01-13 sunpoet- Update to 5.04
2011-01-09 sunpoet- Remove unnecessary PKGNAMEPREFIX declaration
2011-01-07 fluffy- The KDE FreeBSD team is proud to announce the release...
2011-01-03 bsamUpdate to version 4.4.11.
2010-12-12 tota- Update to 3.6.3-ru-20101117
2010-12-12 pgollucci- Updated to 2.6.1.
2010-12-11 bsamUpdate to version 4.4.10.
2010-12-08 avl- Re-assign all my ruby* ports to ruby@
2010-12-05 skvRemove encodings "koi8-r" and "windows-1251" because
2010-12-04 adeSync to new bsd.autotools.mk
2010-12-02 makcKDE FreeBSD team presents KDE SC 4.5.4.
2010-11-11 pgollucci- github is redirecting all these to https now
2010-11-03 makcKDE FreeBSD team presents KDE SC 4.5.3.
2010-10-23 skvUpdate to 3.6.2-ru-20100809
2010-10-20 pgollucci- Mass fixup of WWW: lines pkg-descr based on rubygems...
2010-10-19 pav- Mark BROKEN: bad plist
2010-10-15 bsamUpdate translation ports for devel/eric4 to version...
2010-10-08 pgollucci- Update MT (Moveable Type) to 5.0.31 and all language...
2010-10-05 makcKDE FreeBSD team presents KDE SC 4.5.2.
2010-09-17 bsamUpdate to version 4.4.8.
2010-09-15 adeAutotools update. Read ports/UPDATING 20100915 for...
2010-09-14 gargaRemove ports with EXPIRATION_DATE set