- Update to 1.05
[freebsd:freebsd-ports.git] / UPDATING
2012-02-27 creesAdd suggested commands to replace libungif with giflib
2012-02-25 glewis. Note the shared library bump for libarchive.
2012-02-21 decke- Update to 4.1.8
2012-02-20 dinoex- add entry for libungif
2012-02-17 dougbFix portmaster -r libvpx instructions
2012-02-16 ashish- Add an entry about shared library update for multimed...
2012-02-15 jgh- Add note about shared library update for net/libexosip2
2012-02-14 dougbCorrect portupgrade instructions for pcre shared libs
2012-02-14 dougbAdd a note that the pcre update needs to preserve its...
2012-02-13 pgj- Add an entry on the recent update of Haskell ports
2012-02-11 sahilAdd entry about potential compatibility problems
2012-02-08 eadlerFix trivial typo
2012-01-28 miwi- Kick Whitespaces
2012-01-26 mmAdd UPDATING entry about ftp/proftpd changes
2012-01-24 noxActually spell svdrpsend correctly in the vdr entry.
2012-01-21 noxAdd two notes for multimedia/vdr 1.7.22 .
2012-01-17 sahilUpdate mail/postfix-current to 2.9-20120115, and note
2012-01-16 gargaFix typo and portmaster line for xcb-util entry
2012-01-16 gargaAdd a note about xcb-util upgrade
2012-01-14 blackendFix a typo.
2012-01-14 eadlerTrivial typo fix
2012-01-14 miwi- Whitespaces fixes
2012-01-14 wxsAdd a note about 9.0 being released. Serves as a nice...
2012-01-12 creesRemove duplicate @ from bsam's email address
2012-01-11 lbrAdded info on gist move from www/p5-WWW-GitHub-Gist...
2012-01-09 tabthorpe- The proper acronym for Apache Software License 2...
2012-01-09 bsamA note about how to upgrade the graphics/inkscape port...
2012-01-08 sunpoet- Document the update of devel/p5-CPAN-Meta and removal...
2012-01-06 scheidell- Update thrift to 0.8.0 [1]
2012-01-04 sahilUpdate to 2.9-20120102 and eliminate a now unnecessary
2011-12-31 olgeniAdd entry about the recent lang/newlisp changes (unifie...
2011-12-29 mmUpdate last entry. As of FreeBSD-SA-11:07.chroot the...
2011-12-27 eadler- Remove some old duplicate words. They were getting...
2011-12-23 delphijAdd a note about proftpd update.
2011-12-19 skvUpdate to 5.14.2
2011-12-06 swills- Correct typo
2011-12-05 swills- Update ruby-gnome2 to 1.0.3
2011-11-30 ziNote required changes as a result of the nsd update...
2011-11-23 avilla- Switch dependency from net-im/ortp to net-im/linphone...
2011-11-23 osaAdd quick fix for fresh redis.
2011-11-10 mmRevert update of mail/postgrey on maintainer request.
2011-11-09 mmAdd UPDATING entry for mail/postgrey change
2011-11-01 avilla- Add instructions to fix KDM configuration.
2011-11-01 miwi- Remove whitespaces
2011-10-31 kwmAdd instruction to handle the poppler-gtk port rename.
2011-10-31 pawel- Update to version 1.0.0
2011-10-31 blackendFix some typos.
2011-10-26 bfupdate print/flpsed to 0.7.0, and www/dillo2 to 3.0.1,
2011-10-19 beat- Register lightning as a global extension and doesn...
2011-10-18 sahilAdd entry about potential incompatibilities when upgrading
2011-10-17 avilla- Document an important modification required in rc...
2011-10-17 itetcuSome English and typo fixes for the last subversion...
2011-10-17 itetcuPoint people to the latest subversion entry in the...
2011-10-17 avilla- Update KDE SC 4 entry.
2011-10-17 wxsAdd a note about removal of devel/p5-subversion-freebsd.
2011-10-17 avillaThe KDE/FreeBSD team is pleased to announce KDE Softwar...
2011-10-16 lev (1) Activate mod_dav_svn in "post-install" target...
2011-10-16 lev Update subversion to 1.7.0.
2011-10-05 olgeniAdd note about upgrading lang/erlang to R14B04.
2011-10-03 stephen- Add message about math/qhull -> math/qhull5.
2011-09-30 lwhsu- s,net/py-zopeInterface,devel/py-zopeInterface,
2011-09-29 glarkin- Added note about renamed Zope-related ports
2011-09-28 eadler- add updating entry for broken ports on -current with...
2011-09-28 osaAdd note about latest changes for www/nginx-devel,...
2011-09-25 lwhsu- Remove the HUGE_STACK_SIZE option, now Python will...
2011-09-25 umeMention that upgrading cyrus-sasl2 breaks openldap*,
2011-09-21 hqDocument the devel/maven-wrapper upgrade
2011-09-17 lme- Update to 3.0.2 [1]
2011-09-15 sem- Update to 1.4.13
2011-09-14 flo- make this port usable again by depending on asterisk1...
2011-09-09 azAdd note about recent update of net/p5-SOAP-Lite.
2011-09-04 creesClarify UPDATING entry for maiad and update vscan user...
2011-09-01 mandreeMention db51 -> db5 move.
2011-08-30 olgeniFix a typo that I noticed just after hitting return :|
2011-08-30 olgeniAdd notice about lang/racket and WITHOUT_X11.
2011-08-29 creesDocument the changed rc script name for maiad.
2011-08-28 sahilAdd a note about print/cups-{base,client,image}, advising
2011-08-25 dougbFix libnotify portmaster recipe
2011-08-24 swills- Revert change of default Ruby version from 1.9 back...
2011-08-23 kwmAdd instructions for the libnotify and libproxy shlib...
2011-08-23 stas- Recommend portupgrading ruby19 as well if user has...
2011-08-23 stas- Improve the portupgrade update recipe for ruby upgrade.
2011-08-22 stas- Provide a better command for portmaster users.
2011-08-22 stas- Yet another ruby notes correction.
2011-08-22 stas- Correct ruby upgrade notes.
2011-08-22 stas- Document ruby 1.8 -> 1.9 upgrade path.
2011-08-22 mmAdd note about new OpenCV python module port
2011-08-20 ohauer- change default apache version to apache22
2011-08-20 sunpoet- Most entries begin with "AFFECTS: users of"
2011-08-18 blackends/the the/the/
2011-08-18 aleUpdate enigmail to 1.3 release to support Thunderbird...
2011-08-15 creesDocument risks involved in updating swapexd -- config...
2011-08-08 pav- Change zenoss user to have a valid shell, and add...
2011-08-08 pav- Add entry for dns/powerdns update
2011-08-08 gabor- Add updating notes for amavisd-new 2.7.0
2011-07-31 marcusCorrect a typo in the recent gtk20 instructions.
2011-07-31 marcusRemove trailing whitespace.
2011-07-31 jlaffaye- Chase guile shared lib bump
2011-07-31 jlaffaye- Connect www/typo345 to the build
2011-07-30 kwmUpdate the glib and gtk stack to the lastest stable...