- Update to 1.05
[freebsd:freebsd-ports.git] / UIDs
2012-02-14 mmUpdate SQLgrey to 1.8.0
2012-02-02 osaChange type of pointers from int to uintptr_t for suppo...
2012-02-02 osaFix path for nologin(8).
2012-01-12 scheidell- Functionality upgrade. Add in *.txt.sample files...
2011-11-19 kuriyama- Upgrade to 3.2.3.
2011-10-31 makcReserve uid/gid 442 for Quassel IRC
2011-10-28 creesSpell /nonexistEnt correctly for freeswitch user, thus not
2011-10-22 thierryAdding _neubot for Neubot's daemon.
2011-10-17 avillaThe KDE/FreeBSD team is pleased to announce KDE Softwar...
2011-10-13 glarkin- Added user and group to prepare for new port devel...
2011-09-28 baptAdd the radns users/groups
2011-09-04 creesClarify UPDATING entry for maiad and update vscan user...
2011-09-01 beech- Add for openerp-server
2011-08-23 creesCopy line from passwd for operator, not passwd.
2011-08-23 creesAllow operator user to be used by a port.
2011-08-22 sunpoet- Add missing colon delimiter
2011-08-21 sunpoet- Change /sbin/nologin to /usr/sbin/nologin
2011-08-20 lwhsu- Sync jenkins's home as ${JENKINS_HOME} in devel/jenkins
2011-08-16 ziCorrect name in GECOS field and update shell to nologin.
2011-08-14 creesmail/mixminion now uses USERS
2011-08-12 creesnet/gini now uses USERS
2011-08-08 pav- Change zenoss user to have a valid shell, and add...
2011-07-25 creesnet/gatekeeper now uses USERS/GROUPS
2011-07-21 creesAdd users for net-mgmt/zenoss
2011-07-09 creesAdd missing entries for tr-ircd
2011-07-07 creesaudio/ventrilo-server now uses USERS and GROUPS
2011-06-28 creesRemove duplicate dbxml line.
2011-06-14 creesFix nobody user -- should be master.passwd style
2011-06-13 crees- Correct GROUP when postfix OPTION is selected [1]
2011-06-11 glewis. Add entries for dbxml forgotten in databases/dbXML...
2011-06-06 reneAdd an user 'daapd' for audio/mt-daapd
2011-06-06 reneAdd entries for ports which are converted to the new...
2011-05-22 flo- add a current version of yate (3.3.2p1). This is...
2011-05-08 bf- update tor-devel to
2011-05-07 baptadsuck is a DNS relay that returns NXdomain for hosts...
2011-05-03 glarkin- Updated to 3.0.0.b30 [1]
2011-04-24 bapt- update to 2.8.3
2011-04-23 lwhsu- Replace pkg-install and pkg-deinstall with USERS...
2011-04-21 kwmUpdate webcamd to 0.1.24.
2011-04-03 dhn- Add _tcpproxy for new port net/tcpproxy
2011-04-02 dinoex- rename hobbit to xymon
2011-03-28 ehauptForced commit to add to the previous commit:
2011-03-28 ehaupt- Pass -Dbsd_with_getifaddrs to CFLAGS in order to...
2011-03-26 noxReserve IDs for multimedia/vdr and related ports.
2011-03-09 bfRegister uid and gid for net/get_iplayer
2011-03-07 lwhsu- Register UID and GID for devel/jenkins
2011-02-28 sylvio- Register uid and gid for net/crtmpserver
2011-02-23 chinsan- Register uid and gid for net-mgmt/icinga
2011-02-02 miwi- Register uid and gid for net/erlyvideo
2011-01-05 ohauer - fix format of my last commit for UID 587
2011-01-05 ohauer - register UID/GID 587 for assp user (port mail/assp)
2010-12-23 pav- Move torrus user to next unoccupied slot
2010-12-22 pav- Upgrade to USERS/GROUPS
2010-12-20 ohauer - register UID/GID 542 for _flowd user (port net-mgmt...
2010-12-14 miAdd the port of minidlna -- the DLNA-speaking service.
2010-12-13 wxsDont declare ${sancp_flags} in command_args.
2010-11-27 ohauer - add radmind with uid/gid 506 for port sysutils/radmind
2010-11-27 glewis. Add a port of the 2.x series of Dovecot:
2010-11-11 stefan* Sets up a uhub UID and GID for the daemon to run as.
2010-11-07 fjoeAdd "asterisk" user/group and "dahdi" group.
2010-11-07 norkAdd _tss and _pkcs11 to reserve for security/trousers and
2010-11-01 kuriyamaFinally upgrade amanda-{server,client} to 3.2.0. Old...
2010-10-10 swills- add RC script
2010-10-03 ashishArchiveopteryx is an Internet mail server, optimised...
2010-09-23 pgollucciBackupPC is a high-performance, enterprise-grade system...
2010-09-22 pgollucci- Convert to USERS/GROUPS
2010-09-08 amdmi3tWMS is a tiny WMS server written in Python and using...
2010-08-12 lthUse the USERS/GROUPS mechanism
2010-07-05 jadawin- Add user/group shellinabox with uid/gid 139
2010-06-28 stefanAdd 'saned' user/group the Right Way.
2010-06-12 jpaetzelFix missing fields in previous commit
2010-06-12 wen- Add activemq for new port net/activemq
2010-06-11 jpaetzelAdd net/freeswitch-core, part of a revamp to the freesw...
2010-06-04 dinoex- fix Text for meta1
2010-05-14 pav- Update to 0.7.3
2010-05-10 reneChange the home directory of p4admin to /nonexistent...
2010-04-29 glarkin- Added user and group for Drizzle database server
2010-04-26 kuriyama- Reserve kumofs uid/gid.
2010-04-23 brix- Update to v1.2.6a
2010-04-14 beatMinbif aims to use the libpurple library from the Pidgi...
2010-04-07 wen- Add user and group mfs for MooseFS port
2010-04-05 pav- Fix malformed lines, per new portlint(1) check
2010-03-13 itetcu- reserver GID/UID 924 for upcomming mail/postpals
2010-02-24 desMassive cleanup of the Munin ports:
2010-02-01 wen- Add user and group for audio/liquidsoap
2009-12-28 johans- Update Wolfpack Empire to 4.3.23
2009-12-06 pav- Reserve UID/GID 137 for audio/musicpd
2009-11-19 wen- Prepare for add new port databases/mongodb
2009-09-18 pav- Add 444 for callweaver
2009-09-17 beat- Update to 0.8.5
2009-09-15 nivit- Add UID/GID:211 for devel/py-gitosis
2009-09-11 flz- Fix typo in directory name for undernet user.
2009-09-06 flzAdd haldaemon with UID/GID 560.
2009-08-18 bsamAdd UID and GID forgotten while adding net-mgmt/noc.
2009-08-17 sem- unbound does not use `unbound' group anymore, but...
2009-08-16 erwinRemove entries for security/trans-proxy-tor and securit...
2009-08-05 vanillaAdd prosody entries to UIDs & GIDs.
2009-07-27 skvRegister user/group "redis" for the port "databases...
2009-07-24 wxs- Unify path to nologin as /usr/sbin/nologin. This...
2009-07-24 alepulver- Add fossy user/group for devel/fossology.