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1 # Creator:  Jordan Hubbard
2 # $FreeBSD: ports/LEGAL,v 1.688 2012/02/07 18:11:28 glewis Exp $
4    **********************************************************************
5    ***                      NOTE TO COMMITTERS                        ***
6    ***                                                                ***
7    *** If you are adding a port to this list that has previously been ***
8    *** distributed, please inform portmgr@FreeBSD.org so that the     ***
9    *** distfile/packages can be removed from the FTP site.            ***
10    **********************************************************************
12 Some of the ports in this directory have restrictive copyrights prohibiting
13 their actual redistribution on mass media.  When creating compilations
14 of FreeBSD on such mass media, you should be sure and NOT distribute
15 the original source tarballs for such ports in your distfiles directory.
16 To do so will invite needless problems from the various parties involved.
18 Since those connected to the net will also be able to use the ports framework
19 to automatically fetch their own original sources and thus complete the puzzle,
20 the hardship is not as severe as it might otherwise be.
22 Such ports are listed below:
24 Dist                    Port                    Why
25 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
26 VMware-vSphere-Perl*    net/vmware-vsphere-cli  May not be redistributed.
27                                                 Must accept license to download.
28 TrueCrypt*              security/truecrypt      May not be redistributed.
29                                                 Must accept license to download.
30 ventrilo_srv-*          audio/ventrilo-server   May not be redistributed.
31                                                 For personal use only.
32                                                 Must accept license to download.
33 aacplusenc-*            audio/aacplusenc        Unclear legal status
34 ac3dlx*                 graphics/linux-ac3d     Commercial license, no
35                                                 distribution
36 acroread/AdbeRdr9.*     print/acroread9         Must fill out redistribution
37                                                 form at
38                                                 http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/distribute.html
39 actx-*                  games/actx              Contains commercial character
40                                                 data
41 adobesvg-*              graphics/linux-adobesvg Redistribution prohibited
42 adom-*                  games/adom              Copy of CD must be sent to
43                                                 author
44 aestats-*               games/aestats           Commercial use is prohibited
45 alephone/M1A1.zip       games/alephone-data     Bungie/Microsoft do not allow
46                                                 charging for Marathon data
47                                                 files
48 alephone/Marathon*.zip  games/alephone-data     Bungie/Microsoft do not allow
49                                                 charging for Marathon data
50                                                 files
51 ads-java-novm-*         databases/adstudio      Only free for qualified Open Source
52                                                 Software Developers but a commercial
53                                                 license is required for all other
54                                                 usages
55 annelid-*               games/annelid           Redistribution is limited
56 apache_mod_smooth_streaming-*   www/mod_smooth_streaming Not for commerical use
57 AquaGatekeeper*         net/AquaGatekeeper      No redistribution allowed
58 armyops*-linux.run      games/linux-americasarmy Redistribution is limited
59 asWedit-*               www/aswedit             Commercial software
60 atari800/*              emulators/atari800      xf25 contains copyright ROMs
61                                                 and cannot be distributed
62 autopano-sift-*         graphics/autopano-sift  May be covered by patents
63 bamg*                   math/bamg               Contact author personally
64                                                 regarding commercial use
65 baudline_*              audio/baudline          No redistribution allowed
66 BCWipe-*                security/bcwipe         Non-commercial distribution and
67                                                 use only
68 bdc*                    security/bdc            License does not allow
69                                                 redistribution
70 bicom*                  archivers/bicom         Contact author personally
71                                                 regarding commercial use
72 blast*.freebsd-*        biology/blast           Must be downloaded from vendor
73                                                 site
74 boodler-*               audio/boodler           Not for commercial use
75 Browser*.tar.gz         net/ldapbrowser         No reply from author regarding
76                                                 redistribution licensing
77 TFMESS_BSP_FreeBSD_*    security/bsp_upektfmess License prohibits redistribution
78 bzip-*                  archivers/bzip          Some algorithms used may
79                                                 infringe certain US patents.
80                                                 Opinions differ.  Commercial
81                                                 use could render you liable
82                                                 to unfriendly legal action
83 ccc-*.alpha.rpm         lang/compaq-cc          Distribution not allowed
84 citrix_ica-*            net/citrix_ica          License prohibits redistribution
85 cli_freebsd*            sysutils/arcconf        May not be redistributed
86 contool-*               sysutils/contool        Do not incorporate the source
87                                                 code into a product which is
88                                                 subsequently sold
89 cos-*                   java/cos                Special conditions apply for
90                                                 commercial use
91 cosmo/*                 games/cosmo             Possible copyright infringement
92 cpml_*.alpha.rpm        lang/compaq-cc          Distribution not allowed
93 cryptix-jce-*           java/cryptix-jce        Testing purpose only
94 cyberbit/*              x11-fonts/cyberbit-ttfonts Not free for commercial use
95 dansguardian-2.[678]*   www/dansguardian        Not free for installation by
96                                                 3rd parties charging for
97                                                 installation or support; not
98                                                 free for commercial use
99 DarwinStreamingSrvr*-Source.tar net/DarwinStreamingServer Server License
100                                                 restrictions, see
101                                                 http://www.opensource.apple.com/apsl/
102 darwinia-demo           games/linux-darwinia-demo Redistribution limited
103 dbvis                   java/dbvis              Redistribution is not permitted
104 dcl-*-C.tar.gz          science/cdcl            No commercial use
105 dcl-*.tar.gz            science/dcl             No commercial use
106 defcon                  games/linux-defcon      Redistribution limited
107 DFSongSd.ttf            chinese/dfsongsd        No redistribution or
108                                                 commercial use is allowed
109 dgd/*                   net/dgd                 License required for commercial
110                                                 use as a server, and even for
111                                                 distribution of sources and/or
112                                                 binaries into a corporate
113                                                 environment
114 dgd/*                   net/dgd-lpmud           No monetary gain.  No point in
115                                                 distributing a package, since
116                                                 it depends on dgd, which has
117                                                 restrictions on distribution
118                                                 Source tarball may go on CD-ROM
119 diablo-caffe-freebsd*-*-* java/diablo-jdk15     License does not allow
120                                                 distribution with fee
121 diablo-latte-freebsd*-*-* java/diablo-jre15     License does not allow
122                                                 distribution with fee
123 djbdns*                 dns/djbdns              No license -- see
124                                                 http://cr.yp.to/softwarelaw.html
125 djbfft-*                math/djbfft             No license -- see
126                                                 http://cr.yp.to/softwarelaw.html
127 dlv                     lang/dlv                Not sure if we can redistribute
128                                                 it
129 dn*.tgz                 emulators/darcnes       Commercial use is restricted
130 dnews_*                 news/dnews              Only free for schools and
131                                                 universities, but they have to
132                                                 register as well.  4 weeks of
133                                                 free trial for everybody
134                                                 We currently ask for permission
135                                                 to put a package on the CD-ROM
136 dns.*.tar.Z             dns/h2n                 Never get an approval yet
137 doom3-linux-*           games/linux-doom3*      Redistribution limited
138 doomsrc.zip             games/doom              Requested by id Software
139 dr_freebsd_*.zip        sysutils/megarc         Must be downloaded manually
140 dsnake-*                games/dsnake            License prohibits any reselling
141 eagle-lin-*.run         cad/linux-eagle5        Usage permitted for
142                                                 non-commercial purposes only
143 eawpats*                audio/eawpats           Some of the patches are not
144                                                 for commercial use
145 eClient-linux-i686.run  games/atitd             Redistribution not allowed
146 eclipse/jp.azzurri.clay.core_*.bin.dist.* java/eclipse-clay-core License
147                                                 agreement is required to
148                                                 download
149 edith*                  editors/edith           Redistribution not allowed
150 eijiro*                 japanese/eijiro-fpw     The original dictionary is not
151                                                 free
152 emc2*                   math/emc2               Contact author personally
153                                                 regarding commercial use
154 et-linux-*              games/linux-enemyterritory Redistribution limited
155 etf_*                   games/linux-enemyterritory-fortress Redistribution limited
156 etqw*                   games/linux-etqw-server Redistribution limited
157 etqw*                   games/linux-etqw-demo-server Redistribution limited
158 ezmlm-*                 mail/ezmlm              No license -- see
159                                                 http://cr.yp.to/softwarelaw.html
160 ezmlm-*                 mail/ezmlm-idx          No license -- see
161                                                 http://cr.yp.to/softwarelaw.html
162 f6kuzzzz.taz            databases/libudbc       Downloading and redistribution
163                                                 terms are unclear
164 faac*                   audio/faac              Restrictive copyright (do not
165                                                 sell for profit)
166 faad*                   audio/faad              Restrictive copyright (do not
167                                                 sell for profit)
168 fasta2*                 biology/fasta           May not be sold or incorporated
169                                                 into a commercial product
170 fasta3*                 biology/fasta3          May not be sold or incorporated
171                                                 into a commercial product
172 festival/festlex_OALD*  audio/festlex-oald      No commercial use
173 festival/OGIlexicon-*   audio/festlex-ogi       No commercial use
174 fmsx*/*                 emulators/fmsx          Unclear legal status of
175                                                 distributed ROMs
176 foiltex*                textproc/foiltex        Redistribution on a
177                                                 not-for-profit basis only
178 ttf-sil-gentium_*       x11-fonts/gentium       License forbids commercial
179                                                 distribution without permission
180 fp-freebsd-ws-*         security/f-prot         Free for personal use only
181 freefonts-*             x11-fonts/freefonts     Some of the fonts are
182                                                 shareware.  Some are freeware.
183                                                 Permission must be obtained
184                                                 before distributing at least
185                                                 four (mazama.license,
186                                                 muriel.license,
187                                                 roosthea.license,
188                                                 shf_____.license).  Two have
189                                                 inconsistent licenses
190                                                 (tempofon.license and
191                                                 tempoita.license say "placed
192                                                 into the public domain and may
193                                                 [not be] sold")
194 tspc-*-src.tgz          net/freenet6            Must agree to License Agreement
195                                                 before downloading
196 freqship/*              sysutils/freqsdwn       License agreement is required
197                                                 to download
198 fretsonfire/FretsOnFire-*-linux* games/fretsonfire-data Only Unreal Voodoo
199                                                 site is allowed to distribute
200                                                 the music
201 fsharp/*                lang/fsharp             Microsoft Research Shared Source
202                                                 License Agreement
203 fwtk/*                  security/fwtk           No redistribution allowed
204 XFrisk-*                games/xfrisk            Copyright/trademark violation?
205 gap/*                   math/gap                Do not sell for profit
206 gibi-*                  french/gibi             Only free for use in
207                                                 conjunction with french/aster.
208                                                 For any other purpose,
209                                                 you have to acquire a license
210 giftool*                graphics/giftool        Do not redistribute for profit
211 glimpse-*               textproc/glimpse        Do not sell for profit
212 gnome2/mcitymicrogui-default* x11-themes/metacity-theme-microgui Themes may
213                                                 contain artwork not done by
214                                                 the author.  Keep FreeBSD safe
215                                                 if the theme author violated
216                                                 copyrights
217 goemon.tgz              audio/timidity          Uses copyrighted patches
218 gogo239b.tgz            audio/gogo              Condition is not clear
219 GoogleEarthLinux-*      astro/google-earth      Not really sure about the
220                                                 redistribution terms
221 goPod-*                 misc/*gopod             Unclear legal status in EU
222                                                 countries
223 graphviz-*              graphics/graphviz       Needs license before fetching
224 groupoffice-com-*       www/groupoffice         Free for personal use only
225 gsview*                 print/gsview            Can only be distributed for free
226 himeno/*                benchmarks/himenobench  Uncertain to distribute sources
227                                                 and binaries
228 HyperSpec-*             devel/clisp-hyperspec   Commercial redistribution
229                                                 prohibited
230 homard-*                french/homard           Only free for use in
231                                                 conjunction with french/aster.
232                                                 For any other purpose, you have
233                                                 to acquire a license
234 httprint_freebsd_*.zip  security/httprint       No cost for personal, education
235                                                 and non-commercial use
236 huludesktop-i386.rpm    multimedia/linux-huludesktop No redistribution allowed,
237                                                 not for commercial use, export
238                                                 controlled
239 HyperSpec-*.tar.gz      devel/clisp-hyperspec   Commercial redistribution
240                                                 prohibited
241 ICON-AquaFusion.*       x11-themes/gnome-icons-aqua-fusion Author rights unclear
242 CrystalSVGforGnomeIcons* x11-themes/gnome-icons-crystal Author rights unclear
243 ICON-Gentoo-Test.*      x11-themes/gnome-icons-gentoo-test Author rights unclear
244 ICON-Gnome-RH8.*        x11-themes/gnome-icons-refined Author rights unclear
245 ICON-Iris*              x11-themes/gnome-icons-iris Author rights unclear
246 ICON-Noia.*             x11-themes/gnome-icons-noia-full Author rights unclear
247 ICON-NoiaWarm.*         x11-themes/gnome-icons-noia-warm Author rights unclear
248 ICON-Slick.*            x11-themes/gnome-icons-slick Author rights unclear
249 ICON-Snow-Apple.*       x11-themes/gnome-icons-snow-apple Author rights unclear
250 SnowIsh-*               x11-themes/gnome-icons-snowish Author rights unclear
251 ICON-Stylish.*          x11-themes/gnome-icons-stylish Author rights unclear
252 ICON-Ximian-South-*     x11-themes/gnome-icons-ximian-south Author rights unclear
253 idea.V*.tar.Z           security/idea           A patented algorithm that
254                                                 requires proper licensing
255 install40.jar           games/sfbol             Commercial software.  License
256                                                 does not allow redistribution
257 iperf-*                 benchmarks/iperf        Cannot charge a fee for the
258                                                 software
259 j2me_wireless_toolkit*  java/sun-wtk            No redistribution allowed
260 j2sdk-*-doc.zip         java/jdk13-doc          This documentation is under
261                                                 license and export control
262 j2sdk-*-doc.zip         java/jdk14-doc          This documentation is under
263                                                 license and export control
264 jdk-1_5_0-bin-scsl.*    java/jdk15              Redistribution of pre-compiled
265                                                 binaries is not permitted
266 jdk-1_5_0-src-scsl.*    java/jdk15              Redistribution of pre-compiled
267                                                 binaries is not permitted
268 jdk-1_5_0-doc.*         java/jdk15-doc          This documentation is under
269                                                 license and export control
270 jdk-1_5_0*-i586.bin     java/linux-sun-jdk15    Redistribution of repackaged
271                                                 binaries not permitted
272 j2sdkee-*               java/j2sdkee13          For development and testing use
273                                                 only; redistribution prohibited
274 jaf-*.zip               java/jaf                See the license
275 jai-*-lib-linux-i586.*  java/jai                Redistribution is not permitted
276 jai_imageio-*-lib-linux-* java/jai-imageio      Redistribution is not permitted
277 java3d-sdk-*-linux-i386* java/java3d            License does not allow
278                                                 distribution
279 javax_comm-*-solsparc.* comms/java-commapi      No commercial use
280 jbootstrap-*.tar.gz     java/jbootstrap         Redistribution of pre-compiled
281                                                 binaries is not permitted
282 jmf-*-alljava.zip       java/jmf                Redistribution of pre-compiled
283                                                 binaries is not permitted
284 jpgraph-1.*             graphics/jpgraph        Not for commercial use
285 jpgraph-2.*             graphics/jpgraph2       Not for commercial use
286 jre-1_5*-linux-*.bin    java/linux-sun-jre15    License does not allow
287                                                 distribution with fee
288 jre-6*-linux-*.bin      java/linux-sun-jre16    License does not allow
289                                                 distribution with fee
290 jta-*.zip               java/jta                See the license
291 astah-community-*.zip   devel/astah-community   License restrictions
292 komodo-*                editors/komodo-edit     Distribution not permitted
293 KASH3-*                 math/kash3              Not for commercial distribution
294                                                 or use
295 KDE/ICONS-*             x11-themes/kde-icons-*  Unclear about licensing status
296 ksh93/*                 shells/ksh93            Must acknowledge license
297 kzip-*                  archivers/kzip          No redistribution allowed
298 ladder.tar              games/ladder            Possible copyright problems
299 lame*                   audio/lame              May be patented
300 lgrind/*                print/lgrind            Contains non-free code written
301                                                 by Van Jacobson
302 libamrnb                audio/libamrnb          No redistribution allowed
303 libamrwb                audio/libamrwb          No redistribution allowed
304 libdvdcss-*.tar.bz2     multimedia/libdvdcss    CSS code may violate the DMCA
305 ecw_jpeg_2000_*.zip     graphics/libecwj2       Must be downloaded manually from Ermapper site
306 libots-*.alpha.rpm      lang/compaq-cc          Distribution not allowed
307 Linux_MegaCli_*         sysutils/linux-megacli  Redistribution not allowed
308 *_FreeBSD_MegaCLI.zip   sysutils/megacli        Reproduction or redistribution
309                                                 prohibited
310 rpm/i386/fedora/4/gtk2-* x11-toolkits/linux-gtk2 LGPL binary, no source
311 linuxq3ademo-*          games/linux-quake3-demo Restrictive license by Loki
312                                                 Software
313 l0phtcrack/*            security/l0phtcrack     Parts are under GPL, so
314                                                 binaries should not be
315                                                 distributed.  Contains crypto
316                                                 code from OpenSSL
317 lpac-*                  audio/lpac              No commercial use
318 l_cc_p*_*.*.*.tar.gz    lang/icc                No redistribution allowed
319 l_fc_p*_*.*.*.tar.gz    lang/ifc                No redistribution allowed
320 macopix-*.tar.gz        games/macopix           Contains commercial character
321                                                 data
322 MB339-PAN.zip           games/flightgear-mb339-pan Redistribution prohibited
323 mew-*.tar.gz            mail/mew                ITAR export-controlled (hooks
324                                                 to pgp)
325 mikachan-ttfonts/ver*.* japanese/mikachan-ttfonts Do not sell distfile
326 mindfocus-*             games/mindfocus         Contains commercial character
327                                                 data
328 mindterm-*              security/mindterm-binary Do not sell for profit
329 miracl*                 math/miracl             Free for non-profit use, but
330                                                 commercial license is required
331                                                 for all other usages
332 mmv_*                   misc/mmv                Restrictive/unclear copyright
333 molden*                 biology/molden          Free for academic, non-profit
334                                                 usage; do not redistribute
335                                                 source and executable
336 MPlayer*                multimedia/mplayer      Restricted binary distribution
337 msql-*                  databases/msql          Not free for commercial
338                                                 organizations
339 MT-*                    www/MT                  No redistribution
340 mypaedia-*              japanese/mypaedia-fpw   The original dictionary is not
341                                                 free
342 ncftpd-*                ftp/ncftpd              30 day evaluation license
343 NeroDigitalAudio.zip    audio/linux-neroaaccodec Redistribution forbidden
344 NetComponents-*         java/netcomponents      No redistribution except as
345                                                 part of a substantially
346                                                 different product
347 nerolinux-*             sysutils/linux-nero     Must be downloaded from WWW and
348                                                 a Serial Number must be bought
349 nero2_linux_*           games/linux-nerogame    Freeware, but license terms
350                                                 are unclear
351 nntpcache-*             news/nntpcache          Commercial or government use
352                                                 requires license
353 OMRONWnn6.tgz           japanese/Wnn6           You should buy from Omron
354                                                 Software Co., Ltd.
355 oneko-*.tar.gz          games/oneko-sakura      Including derivatives from
356                                                 CARDCAPTOR SAKURA
357 opera-*                 www/linux-opera         No redistribution, commercial
358                                                 software
359 OptimFROG*              audio/optimfrog         No commercial use
360 oracle/*                databases/jdbc-oracle*  This software is under license
361                                                 and export controls
362 oracle/sqldeveloper*    databases/sqldeveloper  This software is under license
363                                                 and export controls
364 otojiro*                japanese/otojiro-fpw    The original dictionary is not
365                                                 free
366 perforce/p4v-*          devel/p4v               Binary redistribution
367                                                 restrictions in effect
368 palmos-sdk-*-1.tar.gz   palm/palmos-sdk         License agreement is required
369 pam_authsrv-*           security/pam_authsrv    No form of redistribution is
370                                                 allowed, because of linking
371                                                 against fwtk
372 PDFlib-Lite-*.tar.gz    print/pdflib            Many odd restrictions on
373                                                 usage and distribution
374 pgp*                    security/pgp*           Various locality restrictions
375 platon*                 biology/platon          $5000 USD for commercial users,
376                                                 free for academic
377 poseidonCE-*            java/poseidon           Redistribution is not permitted
378 ppsmall-*               archivers/ppunpack      No commercial redistribution
379 prodosemu.*             emulators/prodosemu     Restrictive copyright on the
380                                                 ROM image
381 hcwPVRP2.sys            multimedia/pvr250       Driver is part of the CD-ROM
382                                                 distribution coming with the
383                                                 TV card
384 hcwPVRP2.sys            multimedia/pvrxxx       Driver is part of the CD-ROM
385                                                 distribution coming with the
386                                                 TV card
387 qtools-*                mail/qtools             Possibly restricted binary
388                                                 distribution of modified
389                                                 versions
390 quake4-linux-*          games/linux-quake4*     Redistribution is limited; see
391                                                 the license
392 Radiator/*              net/radiator            Commercial software
393 raproxy*.tar.gz         audio/raproxy           License allows only use in a
394                                                 firewall, or with RA products
395 rarbsd-*                archivers/rar           Only unmodified, original
396                                                 package can be distributed
397 ringtonetools-*         misc/ringtonetools      Not free for commercial
398                                                 organizations
399 rman-3.*                textproc/rman           Do not sell for profit
400 RealPlayer-*.rpm        multimedia/linux-realplayer Redistribution not allowed
401 savage/Samuraiwars*     games/linux-savage-samuraiwars  Freeware, but license
402                                                 terms are unclear
403 savage/SFE*             games/linux-savage      Freeware, but license terms
404                                                 are unclear
405 seatools_cli.tar        sysutils/seatools       Distfile should be loaded by
406                                                 hand
407 serialmail-*            mail/serialmail         No license -- see
408                                                 http://cr.yp.to/softwarelaw.html
409 serious.sam*            games/linux-ssam*       Redistribution limited
410 sharefonts-*            x11-fonts/sharefonts    Shareware.  Cannot be
411                                                 distributed without prior
412                                                 authorization
413 shorten-*               audio/shorten           May not be sold.  May not be
414                                                 distributed if modified
415 sid-milter-*            mail/sid-milter         May incorporate intellectual
416                                                 property, possible patent issues
417 simian-*                devel/simian            Have to agree to
418                                                 license before download.
419 ski-*.i386.rpm          emulators/ski           Restrictive license
420 skype*                  net/skype               Not for redistribution
421 squeezeboxserver-*      audio/squeezeboxserver  Contains non-redistributable
422                                                 firmware, documentation, and
423                                                 images
424 socks5-*                net/socks5              No commercial use
425 sof-*-cdrom-x86.run     games/linux-sof         Redistribution is limited
426 speedmgmt*              net/pppoa               Not for redistribution -- see
427                                                 http://www.alcatel.com/consumer-
428                                                 /dsl/disclaimer_lx.htm
429 srd-fpw*                japanese/srd-fpw        The original dictionary is not
430                                                 free
431 stat.tar.Z              math/unixstat           License does not allow
432                                                 redistribution of binaries
433 STonX-*                 emulators/stonx         Contains ROM (C) by Atari
434 stuffit*                archivers/stuffit       Shareware -- should not
435                                                 redistribute
436 su2-1.3.tar.gz          sysutils/su2            Do not sell for profit
437 susv2.tar.bz2           misc/susv2              Redistribution of the
438                                                 documents is not permitted
439 susv3.tar.bz2           misc/susv3              Redistribution of the
440                                                 documents is not permitted
441 svm_light.tar.gz        science/svmlight        The software must not be
442                                                 further distributed without
443                                                 prior permission of the author
444 systemc-2*.tgz          cad/systemc             License agreement required
445 systemsim-cell-*        emulators/linux-systemsimcell   Redistribution of pre-compiled
446                                                 binaries is not permitted
447 scv-1.0p2-sysc*         cad/scv                 License agreement required
448 tcetest_*               games/linux-enemyterritory-tce  Redistribution limited
449 teamspeak*              audio/teamspeak3_server No redistribution
450 texcm-ttf-20010117/*    x11-fonts/texcm-ttf     Cannot be sold or distributed
451                                                 with any commercial product
452 timidity-*              audio/timidity          Uses copyrighted patches
453 tinker*                 biology/tinker          Distribution is prohibited
454 tkman-2.*               misc/tkman              Do not sell for profit
455 tolkien-ttf-*           x11-fonts/tolkien-ttf   Shareware.  Commercial usage
456                                                 or redistribution requires
457                                                 license
458 tracker-*.tgz           audio/tracker           Non-redistributable beta
459 triangle-*/*            math/triangle           No commercial use without prior
460                                                 arrangement with the author
461 Tripwire-*-1.tar.gz     security/tripwire-131   Cannot be redistributed
462                                                 for more than the cost of
463                                                 duplication
464 tripwire-*.tar.gz       security/tripwire12     Cannot be redistributed for
465                                                 more than the cost of
466                                                 duplication
467 tonicpoint-*            graphics/tonicpoint-viewer      Free for non-profit
468 tuc-*                   converters/tuc          Author does not allow
469                                                 CD-ROM distribution
470 ue*dev.zip              editors/uemacs          Resale allowed for media cost
471                                                 only
472 uDrawGraph-*            graphics/uDrawGraph     Binary under GNU LGPL without
473                                                 accompanying source
474 uppaal-*.zip            devel/uppaal            Downloading requires completion
475                                                 of a license agreement
476 ut_linux_mgr_*          sysutils/linux-megamgr  Redistribution prohibited
477 linux-unrealgold*       games/linux-unrealgold  Redistribution limited
478 linux-ut/*              games/linux-ut          Redistribution limited
479 uplink-demo             games/linux-uplink-demo Redistribution limited
480 ut2004-lnx-*            games/linux-ut2004-demo Redistribution limited
481 uzap.tar.gz             editors/uzap            Restrictive copyright
482 vdesk-*                 x11/vdesk               Distributed without license
483 vice-*                  emulators/vice          ROMs are copyrighted by
484                                                 Commodore Business Machines
485 vwnc7.3.1/*             lang/visualworks        Do not redistribute
486 vmware-freebsd-tools.*  emulators/vmware-guestd4        Not sure if we can
487                                                 redistribute this
488 vmware-linux-tools.*    emulators/linux-vmware-toolbox4 Not sure if we can
489                                                 redistribute this
490 vpnc-*                  security/vpnc           Redistribution is not allowed
491                                                 if liked against OpenSSL
492 VTK-*                   math/vtk                Portions contain patented
493                                                 algorithms and may require a
494                                                 license for commercial use
495 vtkmpeg2encode.tar.gz   multimedia/vtkmpeg2encode       The MPEG2 format and
496                                                 all software that uses it is
497                                                 subject to patent restrictions
498 vrml2pov-src*           graphics/vrml2pov       Redistribution is not allowed
499 waeijiro-fpw-*          japanese/waeijiro-fpw   The original dictionary is not
500                                                 free
501 warsow/*                games/linux-warsow      Redistribution is limited, art
502                                                 is copyrighted
503 webcopy-*               www/webcopy             Do not sell for profit
504 webfonts/*              x11-fonts/webfonts      Restrictive copyright
505 win32/*                 multimedia/win32-codecs Licensing status of the
506                                                 codecs is unknown
507 xchada01.lzh            games/xchadance         Contains commercial character
508                                                 data
509 xds-[0-9]*              lang/xds                Redistribution is forbidden
510 xds-c-*                 lang/xds-c              Redistribution is forbidden
511 xephem-*                astro/xephem            Personal use only
512 XFrisk-*.tar.gz         games/xfrisk            Possible trademark infringement
513 xgobi.sh.gz             math/xgobi              Restrictive copyright (do not
514                                                 sell for profit)
515 xhime*.tgz              games/xhime             Contains commercial character
516                                                 data
517 xinvaders-*             games/xinvaders         Do not sell for profit
518 xmame/*                 emulators/xmame         Do not sell for fee
519 xmdiary-*               deskutils/xmdiary       Do not sell for profit
520 xmms-wavpack-*          audio/xmms-wavpack      Missing license
521 xrisk-*                 games/xrisk             Possible copyright/trademark
522                                                 violation
523 xteddy-*                games/xteddy            Do not sell for profit
524 xtr1.50e*               japanese/xtr            Need to obtain permission for
525                                                 commercial redistribution
526 xtris-*.tar.gz          games/xtris             Possible trademark infringement
527 xxe-*.tar.gz            editors/xxe             Redistribution forbidden by
528                                                 license
529 xzx-pro-*.tar.gz        emulators/xzx           Redistribution forbidden by
530                                                 license
531 yasou-fpw*              japanese/yasou-fpw      No commercial use, and no
532                                                 redistribution allowed with fee
533                                                 except media and/or shipping
534                                                 cost
535 zangband/*              japanese/zangband       Possible copyright infringement
536 zh-moettf/*             chinese/moettf          Contact Taiwan Ministry of
537                                                 Education for commercial use
538 twelf-*                 lang/twelf              License is currently
539                                                 indeterminate
540 pfpro*                  finance/pfpro           Only available for customers
541                                                 subscribed to the VeriSign
542                                                 PayFlow Pro Service
543 xGate/*                 japanese/xgate          Requested by Orangesoft Inc.
544 tw_cli-*                sysutils/tw_cli         Redistribution forbidden by
545                                                 license
546 lha-1.14i-ac*           archivers/lha-ac        No Redistribution
547 gamess.*/gamess*        science/gamess          No Redistribution
548 vst_sdk2_3.zip          audio/ardour            Redistribution of the VST
549                                                 PlugIns SDK is not allowed
550 send-*                  net-mgmt/send           Not redistributable, license
551                                                 agreement required
552 rapid-*                 math/rapid              No commercial use
553 dtiquery-*              science/dtiquery        License agreement is required
554 clustalw-*              biology/clustalw        No commercial use
555 nttcp-*                 benchmarks/nttcp        No commercial use
556 TW-*.ttf                chinese/CNS11643-font   No redistribution or
557                                                 commercial use is allowed
558 festlex-ogi             audio/festlex-ogi       No commercial use
559 apache2/mod_h264_streaming-*    www/mod_h264_streaming  No commercial use
560 pcsv*i3fb.tar.gz        lang/petite-chez        Must acknowledge license
561 tarsnap-*               sysutils/tarsnap        Redistribution restricted
562 linuxsampler-*          audio/linuxsampler      Commercial use is prohibited
563 WowzaMediaServerPro     net/wowzamediaserverpro Redistribution not allowed
564 rsmb-*                  net/rsmb                Must register for account
565                                                 on IBM web site, must agree
566                                                 to license before downloading,
567                                                 and no redistribution allowed
568 yEd*                    graphics/yed            Must acknowledge license
569 thundercache            www/thundercache        Shareware license for 50 threads.
570                                                 Requires license key to run more
571                                                 than 50 threads, which can be
572                                                 obtained from their website.
573 mp4split-*              multimedia/mp4split     No commercial use
574 taetgen-*               math/tetgen             Academic or personal use only
575 giac-*                  math/giacxcas           The french documentation is for non commercial only use
576 libaacplus-*            audio/libaacplus        Unclear legal status
577 26410-800.zip           audio/libaacplus        Unclear legal status
578 dmd-*                   lang/dmd                No redistribution of non
579                                                 validated binaries
580 madfufw-*               audio/madfufw           No redistribution of firmware files