last changeSun, 21 Sep 2014 07:16:51 +0000 (07:16 +0000)
2014-09-21 hrsFix build. master svn_trunk
2014-09-21 hrsFix a typo.
2014-09-21 hrsAdd a change missing in r271916.
2014-09-21 hrsFix a bug which could make routed(8) daemon exit by...
2014-09-21 hrs- Virtualize interface cloner for gre(4). This fixes...
2014-09-21 hrsVirtualize interface cloner for gif(4). This fixes...
2014-09-21 hrsMake net.add_addr_allfibs vnet-local.
2014-09-21 bzHide LRO code under #ifdef INET/INET6 to allow NOIP...
2014-09-20 marcelAdd unit tests for mkimg(1):
2014-09-20 hrsFix a problem that reply packets are not received when...
2014-09-20 hrsRevert changes in r269180. It could cause -c N option...
2014-09-20 jhbUse callout(9) instead of timeout(9).
2014-09-20 ianAdd a man page for the cgem(4) driver.
2014-09-20 ianMake the ARM MPCore Timer driver work with published...
2014-09-20 ganboldFix typo in comment.
2014-09-20 bzProperly hide calls to ARP under #ifdef INET to allow...
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