last changeMon, 12 Oct 2009 19:19:08 +0000 (19:19 +0000)
2009-10-12 hrsFix the 106/109 USB Japanese keyboard "underscore"... master
2009-10-12 rwatsonExport DTrace symbols from nfsclient so that dtnfsclien...
2009-10-12 rwatsonAdd a MODULE_DEPEND() on the NFS client from dtnfsclien...
2009-10-12 hrs- Do not assign a link-local address when ND6_IFF_IFDIS...
2009-10-12 blandLink GSS mechanics modules against libgssapi so they...
2009-10-12 jkoshyImprove the description of sysctl "kern.sugid_coredump".
2009-10-12 rpauloUpdate for latest 802.11s changes in meshconf format.
2009-10-12 rpauloFix a wrong initialization that snuck in the latest...
2009-10-12 kibFix typo.
2009-10-12 rpauloAnother 3.03 draft bit that I missed in the previous...
2009-10-11 marcelScan for option ROMs on i386 and amd64 only.
2009-10-11 jillesMake openat(2) a cancellation point.
2009-10-11 kibTweaks for sigqueue tests:
2009-10-11 kibCurrently, when signal is delivered to the process...
2009-10-11 nwhitehornCorrect another typo. Actually save the condition regis...
2009-10-11 nwhitehornCorrect a typo here and actually save DSISR instead...
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