last changeSun, 3 Jun 2012 04:43:14 +0000 (23:43 -0500)
2012-06-03 David E. NarváezNow apparently catching audio, still not being recorded master
2012-06-03 David E. NarváezImplementing first cut of FreamAudioDeviceModule, tryin...
2012-06-02 David E. NarváezUpdated project setttings and includes
2012-06-02 David E. NarváezUpdating ICE Observer interface
2012-06-02 David E. NarváezUse int instead of double for proper calculation
2012-06-02 David E. NarváezChanging to ROAP PeerConnection
2012-06-02 David E. NarváezUpdating to new getUserMedia interface
2012-05-08 David E. NarváezAdding a bunch of libraries required to compile with...
2012-04-11 David E. NarváezTrivial change to help Eclipse's indexer
2012-04-11 David E. NarváezRemoved unneeded headers
2012-04-11 David E. NarváezFixed video encoding issues using deprecated auto_ptr...
2012-04-11 David E. NarváezCover webkitDeprecatedPeerConnection case
2012-03-18 David E. NarváezFormatting and style changes
2012-03-17 David E. NarváezUpdated requirements
2012-03-17 David E. NarváezPut the data: header in the PHP side
2012-03-17 David E. NarváezFinally add the README file, enjoi :)
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