2014-04-03 Jaidev Bapatfix readabilitiy issue- otherwise no other actual chang...
2014-04-03 Jaidev Bapattook out 1 line of whitespace
2014-04-03 Logan Howardmake vision actually look for val instead of giving...
2014-04-03 Logan Howardre-add gyro
2014-04-01 Logan HowardMerge branch 'new-vision' to master
2014-03-30 Logan Howardchanges for testing
2014-03-23 PikaDotusadd README
2014-03-23 PikaDotuschange server port
2014-03-23 PikaDotusadd README
2014-03-19 PikaDotuschange server port
2014-03-19 PikaDotusadd the networking code to robot code
2014-03-19 PikaDotusadd basic java socket client code
2014-03-19 PikaDotusremove old vision
2014-03-09 PikaDotuschange auton; it works
2014-03-08 PikaDotusre-add dead reckoning instead of ultra
2014-03-08 PikaDotuschange dist to goal before stop
2014-03-08 PikaDotuschange one control for sitar
2014-03-08 PikaDotusgyro works now; add gyro on/off for sitar
2014-03-07 Jaidev Bapatswitched to ultrason in auton
2014-02-19 Jaidev Bapatswitch back to dead reckoning
2014-02-19 Jack STEELEAdd current vision file
2014-02-19 Jaidev Bapatleft trigger now ALSO resets gyro
2014-02-18 PikaDotuscalibrate auton with vision and ultrasonic
2014-02-18 PikaDotuschange vision logic per stuart's request
2014-02-18 PikaDotusautomerge
2014-02-18 PikaDotuschange a control and reduce accel v0.8
2014-02-18 Jaidev Bapatultrsnc stff
2014-02-17 PikaDotusfix pneumatics after auton
2014-02-17 PikaDotusmake vision run in correct time
2014-02-17 PikaDotusreplace ugly booleans with a State class
2014-02-17 PikaDotusfinish roborealm integration; untested
2014-02-17 HarelAdd vision handling code.
2014-02-17 PikaDotuscalibrate auton v0.7
2014-02-17 PikaDotusreplace auton timer with system millis for better relia...
2014-02-17 PikaDotusauton done
2014-02-17 PikaDotuscontrols mostly finalized
2014-02-17 PikaDotuschange controls; still changing
2014-02-17 PikaDotuschange a few variables for testing. robot and gyro...
2014-02-16 Jaidev Bapatfix conflicts
2014-02-16 Jaidev Bapatcomments, ignore
2014-02-16 PikaDotusmodify few numbers for testing back at shop
2014-02-16 PikaDotusintegrate jaidev's changes during competition
2014-02-16 PikaDotuschange one control function for sitar
2014-02-15 Jaidev Bapatreduce the reducing factor
2014-02-15 Jaidev Bapatdead reckoning
2014-02-15 Jaidev Bapatnever mind
2014-02-15 Jaidev Bapatadd a comment
2014-02-15 PikaDotuschange controls for sitar
2014-02-15 PikaDotusintegrate jaidev's changes
2014-02-15 PikaDotusadd some ultrasonic test stuff
2014-02-15 Jaidev Bapatclean up sign method
2014-02-15 PikaDotuschange gyro port. everything works; was elec or network...
2014-02-15 Jaidev Bapatultrasonic angle stuff
2014-02-14 PikaDotuschange control scheme for sitar – needs revision tomorr...
2014-02-13 PikaDotusadd v. basic auton with time limit for safety
2014-02-12 PikaDotusfix joystick y-axis inverted v0.6
2014-02-12 PikaDotustesting code done
2014-02-12 PikaDotusfix unlimited speed bug
2014-02-12 PikaDotusadd debugging statements
2014-02-11 PikaDotusadd joystick value rounding f-joystick-testing
2014-02-11 PikaDotusfix bad refactor; change variable names to be more...
2014-02-11 PikaDotusmerge in variable refactors
2014-02-11 PikaDotusadd a debug message; enable gyro
2014-02-11 HarelMore refactoring and some code cleanup
2014-02-11 PikaDotusrechange controls; all but drivebase confirmed to work
2014-02-11 HarelRefactor intake names to represent portal color rather...
2014-02-11 PikaDotuschange controls radically for testing
2014-02-10 PikaDotuschange more ports for testing
2014-02-10 PikaDotusfix joystick ports
2014-02-10 PikaDotuschange controls to be more like final
2014-02-09 PikaDotusadd second joystick for additional control
2014-02-09 PikaDotusfix mismerge; readded 0.01 rounding
2014-02-09 PikaDotusincorperated harel's changes
2014-02-09 PikaDotusadd joystick rounding to nearest .01
2014-02-09 HarelRename z to twist to better represent the purpose of...
2014-02-09 PikaDotuschange vars for testing
2014-02-09 PikaDotuschange intake config per stuart's request
2014-02-09 PikaDotusminor variable renames
2014-02-09 PikaDotuschange control scheme
2014-02-09 PikaDotusmore testing changes
2014-02-09 PikaDotuschange a few ports for testing
2014-02-08 PikaDotusmerge between jaidev and i. just a few refactoring...
2014-02-08 PikaDotusrefactor some variable names
2014-02-08 Jaidev Bapatdo i have to have a commit msg just for renaming a...
2014-02-08 Jaidev Bapatmore comment stuff
2014-02-08 Jaidev BapatUOENO it jk i made some comments
2014-02-08 Jaidev Bapatchange magic num
2014-02-08 Jaidev Bapatmore magic num fixes
2014-02-08 PikaDotusmajor code refactor
2014-02-08 PikaDotusrefactor code so that all driving is controlled by...
2014-02-04 Jaidev Bapatmade it more DRY again
2014-02-04 Jaidev Bapatfix something
2014-02-04 Jaidev Bapatfinish buttons for now
2014-02-04 Jaidev Bapatmore add buttons
2014-02-02 Jaidev Bapatmore button stuff
2014-02-02 PikaDotusminor code compressions
2014-02-02 PikaDotusMerge branch 'f-both-intakes' into f-pneumatics. this...
2014-02-02 PikaDotusfill in empty solenoid method
2014-02-01 Jaidev Bapatmade it more DRY
2014-02-01 PikaDotusadd all intake jaguars