FRS update for trunk FF (5.x, 04050211)
[forgeplucker:forgeplucker.git] / trunk / forgeplucker /
2011-04-06 rootFRS update for trunk FF (5.x, 04050211)
2011-04-06 rootDocman extraction updated for trunk FF (5.x, 04062011)
2011-04-06 rootPermissions/Roles/Users extraction updated for trunk...
2011-04-06 rootTracker export updated for trunk FF
2011-03-11 rootCorrections : New method hierarchy broke task parsing...
2011-02-17 Florian DudouetPermissions parsing : Due to an encoding bug with accen...
2011-02-03 Olivier Bergermerge florian: more unicode testing
2011-02-03 Olivier Bergermerge florian: unicode handling
2010-12-20 obergerAdd URI to track original url of attachments
2010-12-17 obergerFix broken URI
2010-12-17 obergerAdd standardized URI should it be useful
2010-12-17 obergerUsing table_iter instead, and fix URL of lists to listi...
2010-12-17 obergerAdding tools names
2010-12-17 obergerMore readable
2010-12-16 obergerFix scraping of roles
2010-12-16 obergerAdd support for tools description
2010-12-15 obergerPythonization
2010-12-15 obergerImprove to support 5.0 too
2010-12-15 obergerAdd most of the tools as sioc:has_space in project...
2010-12-15 obergerUpdate check results and remove debug message
2010-12-15 obergerAdd forums in project's sioc:has_space list
2010-12-15 obergerAdding URL in users and projects
2010-12-15 obergerMerge branch 'local'
2010-12-15 obergerAdded start of plucking the project properties
2010-12-15 Olivier Bergerprepare for project attributes plucker class
2010-12-15 Olivier BergerAdded start of plucking the project properties
2010-12-14 obergerUpdate for new GenericTracker
2010-12-13 obergerIntegrate parsing of FF 4.8 and FF 5.0 in same parsing...
2010-12-13 obergerRestore status_id
2010-12-13 obergerRename update_nodb to better update_extrafields
2010-12-13 obergerMore debug on trackers found
2010-12-13 obergerMessage in english
2010-12-13 obergerTake into account case of fusionforge not installed...
2010-12-08 obergerremove useless import
2010-12-08 obergerAdding passing of optional parameters to the contructor
2010-12-07 obergerRemove overloading of the pluck_trackers() when all...
2010-12-07 obergerDon't convert status_id (will need to be reverted in...
2010-12-06 obergerAdd plucking of many other items than trackers
2010-12-06 obergerCleanup
2010-12-06 obergerInitial addition of fusionforge handler (not fully...